"Things In my Jeep"Song through The Lonely Island indigenous the album Popstar: never ever Stop never ever StoppingRecordedReleasedFormatLengthWriterLabelI’m therefore Humble (feat. Adam Levine)"Hot brand-new Single" (Dialogue)Equal civil liberties (feat. P!nk)Turn increase the Beef (feat. Emma Stone)Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song)Mona Lisa"Are Or Aren"t?" (Dialogue)Hunter the Hungry Is Gon’ Eat (feat. Kris Redd)Should i Move? (feat. Akon) 2 Banditos (feat. Chris Redd)Things In mine Jeep (feat. LINKIN PARK)"Kill This Music" (Dialogue)Ashley Wednesday (feat. Seal)F**k off (BONUS TRACK)Donkey Roll"Trip to Spain" (Dialogue)IbithaOwen"s Song"What Was that Beat?" (Dialogue)Sick GlendaIncredible ThoughtsMe Likey DatLegalize ItI"m a WeirdoKarate GuyRock roll SkateHey Ya Ho (feat. Kris Redd)Maximus (BONUS TRACK)
June 03, 2016 (Digital)September 09, 2016 (Physical)
Digital, CD
Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, D.Boskin, Derek Allen, Maestro Harrell
Universal Studios, Republic Records

Popstar: never ever Stop never Stopping monitor listing

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In 2015 The Lonely Island wrote, directed, starred in, and released the movie Popstar: never Stop never ever Stopping, a mockumentary developed by Judd Apatow. The film was released on June 3, 2016 by global Pictures and featured an accompanying soundtrack indigenous The Lonely Island. Linkin Park space featured ~ above the tune titled "Things In my Jeep". Vinyl version of the soundtrack to be issued on June 14, 2019 in four package designs based on the fictional style Boyz and Connor4Real artist albums indigenous the film.<1>

About the song, Phoenix said, "Mostly, the was Mike and also Chester. I don"t know if it to be Andy or few of his civilization have reached out saying favor "this is what we"re looking to do", and also I think those guys were on the as automatically as they heard the request. Friend know, being big fans of what they"ve done and kind of acquiring the idea. Simply kind of a fun small project to work on."<2>

On may 13th, 2020 throughout a stream, Mike to be asked by fans what the things in his jeep were. Mike replied, "If you guys didn"t listen that, the was a Lonely Island comedy song that us participated in. It to be pretty funny. Walk they ever before make a video clip for that? i wonder if castle made... Did favor a visual, the shit to be so funny. Us were law One an ext Light album once the inquiry for that came in. It to be so straightforward to do, it was so great."<3><4> On might 18th, Mike was asked about the track again and also said, "It was mostly simply emails and also stuff, favor they didn"t really reach out. Type of whatever, but, we love the track... The things In mine Jeep track."<5>

The version of "Things In mine Jeep" featured in the movie lacks the contribute from Linkin Park.


Note: just the date of the very an initial release the each version is listed.

Things In my Jeep (feat. LINKIN PARK)Popstar: never ever Stop never ever Stopping2:062016June 03, 2016


Akiva SchafferAndy SambergJorma TacconeChester BenningtonMike Shinoda


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