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"So You"re telling Me There"s A Chance?" is a quote indigenous the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber. It has been typically used as a reaction picture for a situation when one is optimistic for an outcome with exceedingly short odds. The phrase is occasionally used also without the screenshot or any kind of reference to the film, generally as a catchphrase via message replies to a comment in threads.


In the film, Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) confesses his love to mar Swanson (Lauren Holly) and asks what his possibilities are of them coming to be a couple. Mary, visibly not keen on a relationship, prices the chances at one in a million, i beg your pardon Lloyd responds positive to. The clip from the movie was posted top top YouTube<1> top top June 8th, 2008, whereby it has accumulated 1.8 million see in three years (shown below).

Lloyd: "What room my chances?"Mary: "Not good."Lloyd: "You typical “not good” like… one the end of a hundred?"Mary: "I"d say.. Much more like one the end of a million."Lloyd: (slowly reacts) "So you"re telling me there"s a chance? … yeah!!"

The first recorded usage of the quote together a meme came from Facebook<2> where world were posting the meme as component of a frenzy neighboring the Powerball lottery, which was approximately $500 million. The web page My mountain Town an initial posted the meme on November 28th, 2012, when asking citizens what lock planned to carry out if they won the jackpot (shown below).

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The meme continued to spread out for years together it acquired used and adjusted into other meme trends. One notable example is found on the subreddit /r/KeanuBeingAwesome,<3> wherein a screenshot of a Twitter conversation between Cyberpunk 2077 and also a Twitter user talk around Johnny Silverhand in the game. The meme to be posted by /u/wingsofligma/ on august 23rd, 2019, and gained 21 rise in 2 years (shown below).