The dispute over the use of the N-word has actually hit the headlines again after ~ a white mrs was booed at a Kendrick Lamar gig for to sing it top top stage.

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The rapper invite the woman to sing M.A.A.D City throughout his set at the Hangout Festival in Alabama.

But Lamar stopped her after she repeatedly used the N-word - i m sorry is heard multiple times in his song.

The N-word is a derogatory term; a gyeongju slur which was used to express to and insult black slaves, but today it is supplied prominently in hip-hop.

The reaction to the Kendrick footage on society media was combined - through some defending the woman and also others speak Lamar go the appropriate thing by cutting she off.

South London grime artist Yizzy, who recently released his EP SOS, points the end that Lamar had already had a couple of pan up ~ above the phase who sang along with him without using the N-word.

"The word shouldn't have been used at every - that would have been really easy because that her not to usage it," he tells News.

"It's a selection when you use that word, whatever race . Kendrick dealt with it in a very good way. She could have avoided the whole instance herself and she put herself in that position."


"I use it in several various ways, as a way to to express to one more person of that ethnicity or to explain the word as a metaphor, because that example.

"I usage it as soon as I feel I need to. I shot to protect against swearing in mine songs... However my lyrics circulation naturally, once that native fits and also makes a the majority of sense, I'll put it in there."

Yizzy adds: "Every person have the right to say what they want, there's freedom of speech, however you have actually a responsibility.

"If you usage the word... And you're not of any kind of black heritage, in this modern-day day world, be ready to confront a backlash."

And if a white artist used it "and it had no relation to what you're saying, you're simply saying it to be controversial, you're fully unacceptable", he says.

This issue also came up last year, as soon as footage of a group of students in ~ the college of brand-new Hampshire was posted online, attracting national attention.

The group, which included white students, were watched singing follow me to Kanye West's 2006 hit gold Digger, which attributes the native prominently.

They were extensively criticised and their university claimed the student had displayed "poor judgement", but some come forward to safeguard them.

"They're young, complimentary and partying and also it would have just appeared like any other an extremely popular lab song. For this reason they sang along to it."

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Chris rock touched ~ above the subject in a well known stand-up routine once he joked about his white friends not being "able to enjoy a Dr Dre song approximately me. Therefore they begin taking out words or mumbling... It's a sad vision to see".

He also appeared to suggest it to be all best for white people to run or sing follow me to songs which had the word, however never for them to usage it in their very own speech.

"Don't concern white people. Obtain your Dre on, acquire your Jay-Z on, get your Kanye on. It's all good, it's okay. Yet it's obtained to be in the song. Gained to it is in in the song."

But, that added: "So the concern remains the same. Can white people say the ? and the answer continues to be the same: no really."

While you'd be hard pushed to discover someone who would think it ideal for a white artist to usage the N-word, some think that nobody should use it at all, regardless of race.

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Broadcaster and also writer Edward Adoo says: "It appears it's come to be acceptable currently to use .

"There's much more reluctance to call civilization out: 'Let's let the lie and also let world do what castle want.'

"When my black color friends use it ns feel uncomfortable, that feels rude, and also if a white human says it, it's degrading."

He adds: "I think the N-word must be treated in the very same context together anti-Semitic speak. Any derogatory term have to be classed in the same category."

"People in hip-hop and in the black community have fuelled the fire and don't admit the word is wrong. It's under to education, it's ignorance, world who don't seem to care."

"In state of getting to out come the next generation, it doesn't bode well since if Kendrick states it 'I can say it.'"

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"If friend don't want people to song an attack word, it have to not it is in sung or included in the tune in the an initial place," she says.

"If you space in a position of power, or in this case, a position whereby fans are likely to repeat the indigenous you put out, don't put them out if you don't desire them repeated. I think that the N-word shouldn't be offered by anyone suggest blank."

She added: "I think that is hypocritical to song a word and berate a white person who has repeated the really words in the context in i m sorry they were sung.

"We, myself included, have to be careful about being hypocritical and also implementing a double standard as soon as it comes to race relations. The N-word is, and also will constantly be, offensive, no matter who claims it."


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