Spotify is still a poster-child for the music streaming market, through 138 million paying subscribers it’s a leading music service supplied about the world. The Swedish firm is holding its own in the sector however has taken many procedures to publicize the firm and boosting revenue.

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This, coupled with raising competition from the similarly priced Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, and also even more, is resulting in some customers to switch allegiances.


Next, click the “Change Plan” option at the bottom of the screen.


Next off, you’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation. Click ‘Yes, Cancel.’


Cancel the Subscription – iTunes

iTunes is a company that allows you to sign-up for various other subscriptions using your Apple ID payment approaches. If you’ve done this, follow these actions to cancel your subscription:

On your iPhone open up Settings and also tap ‘iTunes and App Store.’


Click ‘Contact to Cshed.’


A Spotify representative will certainly begin inputting, explain that you’d prefer to close your account permanently. The representative will send you an email confirmation once done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tright here are a couple of even more things you have to understand around Spotify account cancellation. See our FAQs below:

I cancelled my account, yet I was billed aget. What happened?

Assuming you canceled your Premium subscription the just factor you would’ve been billed aobtain is that the cancellation wasn’t set prior to the rejuvenation date.

The first point you have to perform if you’ve been charged for a Spotify subscription after cancellation is to inspect your email for a confirmation. It have to have the cancellation day set on it. If that all checks out and also the charge was an error, call Spotify support.

Can I reactivate a closed account?

First, it’s important to note that you can reactivate your passist subscription (in addition to all playlists and benefits) if your account is still open up.

Once you’ve opted to cshed your account tbelow aren’t any alternatives for recovery. The account and also all of its data are gone when you cshed the account. Your just option is going to be to open a new account and develop new playlists.

I signed up for Spotify making use of Facebook, can I just disconnect it?

Unfortunately, no. Spotify offers its customers a number of different sign-in choices and if Facebook is yours then you’ll must close your account per the instructions above and also begin over with a new account.

Once you’ve canceled your account, usage your email and also a distinctive password to create the new account. Just beware, if you carry out this every one of your previous music, playlists, and also downlots will certainly not be obtainable until reset them all up.

However before, if you set up your Spotify account through an email and also password then later connected it to Facebook you have the right to disaffix your accounts. All you have to perform is open up Spotify on a web internet browser and also go to the Settings. Then click ‘Disconnect from Facebook’ when the option shows up.

What can I perform if I can’t login?

If you can’t log right into your Spotify account, you’ll have actually some obstacle acquiring the organization canceled. Of course, you can always call your financial school to put a sheight to future payments (this might or may not be the best solution relying on how you’re paying for the service), or you have the right to fill out Spotify’s Contact Us create for even more assist.

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If for some factor you can’t cancel by means of the webwebsite, iTunes, or wherever before you began the service (also in the situation of fraud) contact the company for better assistance.

I don’t have the choice to cancel Spotify from the webwebsite. What’s happening?

If you can’t cancel Spotify using Spotify directly, it’s likely that you signed up for the company with a 3rd party. This can be Apple, Google Play (at one time), or even a service bundle favor Hulu. The fastest method to track down that you signed up for the company through is by checking your email (look for the confirmation email when you initially signed up) or your bank statements.