So I am really hoping someone can help me because Wildcard and Steam is, of course, zero help.

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I played Ark on Xbox for 2 years. I wanted to make the move to PC because I am more a PC gamer than a console gamer. That being said, my computer is beyond capable of handling the game.

Also worth mentioning, I purchased my own server so that is what I have been trying to play on, but I did try to play on a friends server as well as solo play (which doesn't even let me in, it just freezes at the entry screen and the game goes poof).

So I get logged in, I get to play for a whopping 2ish minutes, and then I get this pop up that says "The UE4-ShooterGame Game has crashed and will close"


Naturally, I googled the meaning behind the error message. From what I read this is caused by a corrupted file. After going through hours of troubleshooting such as deleting the saved folder, etc, I ended up uninstalling the game and then reinstalling. This did not fix it either.

Also worth noting, I am running zero mods. I have fully downloaded the map DLC. I have zero lag the entire 2 minutes I get to play.

I am at a loss. So if anyone is familiar with this issue and has a fix, I would be forever grateful.



This might be a fix, similar error. Is there anything in-game that seems to trigger the error? If you stand absolutely still and do nothing in-game, does it still error out at the same time?

Try validating your files, if you haven't already. Launch Steam, go to Library > Home, find ARK and right-click it, then select Properties.

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Go to Local Files, then 'Verify integrity of game files'. This will probably take anywhere from 30-45min to a few hours, depending on your PC... probably on the lower side since you say your PC is very good.

so what I have deduced is the crash is actually triggered by when you go into your inventory and you're clicking back out of it! so if I go into my inventory and then click on a different tab such as my engrams and then exit out of it that way my game doesn't crash and I can actually play. Thus being a game error and not a computer error which warms my heart because I was on the verge of buying an entire new computer at a frustration