So i am yes, really hoping who can aid me because Wildcard and heavy steam is, the course, zero help.

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I played Ark ~ above Xbox because that 2 years. I wanted to do the move to PC due to the fact that I am much more a computer gamer than a console gamer. That being said, my computer system is past capable of managing the game.

Also worth mentioning, i purchased my very own server so the is what I have been trying to play on, yet I did shot to pat on a friends server and also solo play (which doesn't also let me in, it just freezes in ~ the entry screen and also the video game goes poof).

So I acquire logged in, I gain to play for a whopping 2ish minutes, and then I obtain this pop up that says "The UE4-ShooterGame game has crashed and also will close"


Naturally, i googled the definition behind the error message. Native what I check out this is led to by a corrupted file. ~ going through hours of troubleshooting such as deleting the conserved folder, etc, I finished up uninstalling the game and also then reinstalling. This go not deal with it either.

Also precious noting, ns am running zero mods. Ns have totally downloaded the map DLC. I have zero lag the entire 2 minute I get to play.

I am at a loss. For this reason if anyone is familiar with this issue and also has a fix, I would be forever grateful.



This could be a fix, similar error. Is over there anything in-game that seems to cause the error? If you was standing absolutely still and also do nothing in-game, does the still error the end at the exact same time?

Try validating your files, if you haven't already. Start Steam, walk to Library > Home, discover ARK and right-click it, then pick Properties.

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Go to local Files, climate 'Verify integrity of video game files'. This will probably take everywhere from 30-45min come a couple of hours, depending upon your PC... Most likely on the reduced side because you say your computer is very good.

so what I have actually deduced is the crash is actually prompted by as soon as you get in your inventory and also you're clicking ago out that it! so if I go into my inventory and also then click a various tab such together my engrams and then leave out of the that way my video game doesn't crash and I deserve to actually play. Hence being a game error and not a computer error which warms my heart due to the fact that I to be on the verge of to buy an entire brand-new computer in ~ a disappointed