I gained a cold for Christmassong lyrics to “I got a cold for Christmas” as sung through the 3 Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Joe DeRita)

(from the album, Christmas Time v the three Stooges)I was good as hard gold,And did the points that ns was told,The job nobody had actually a stove,But I gained a cold for Christmas.

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Johnny got a brand brand-new sled,With shiny runners painted red,He’s outside however I’m in bed,I got a cold for Christmas.

All the other girls and also boys,Ran downstairs to get their toys,But all i did to be sneeze and sniff,And use my Christmas handkerchief!

It can’t be right, it isn’t fair,I brushed mine teeth and combed mine hair,But go it acquire me anywhere?I got a cold because that Christmas.

Waited by the windowsill,Just because that Santa, captured a chill,Where’s mine penicillin pill?I acquired a cold because that Christmas.

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Granny acquired a brand new gun,And Jim got electrical trains the run,I gained a heat of one hundred and one,I acquired a cold because that Christmas!

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