Address:2111 television Pl, Kansas City, MO 64126, USA
Phone:+1 816-686-1154
Working:Closed close up door Closed close up door Closed 8:30PM–5AM close up door


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Reviews 28


Royal Bonjour

Heard about this place years back and to be intrigued. A co-worker to be on website working and needed part extra hands, therefore he referred to as me in to help. Pertained to find out, the is an extremely well set out, and nicely decorated. I met the owner, and also he defined the history of the place, and brought me up to why us were stand there. Many thanks for the work Jeff. Looking forward to seeing what is planned following for the place as an upgrade. A great building through a exorbitant atmosphere, that has actually recently been diagnosed and has been rumored, even given the title as, "The Spott", to be...!!!!!!


Charlie&kids Carnes

Being a solitary mom not looking nor have actually time because that a relationship yet still have my needs so this is the PERFECT getaway. Safe, clean, and also any kind of person you might possibly want to meet. Plus the sexy, positive, and all around good vibe everyone brings come the club simply make that 1 the a kind. Say thanks to you for making my date of birth unforgettable!


Bud Shipman

Hands under the ideal adult society we have actually been to. The society layout contains a resort style pool area v a hot bathtub and eye popping LED lights. There is also a dance floor, exclusive rooms, and also ownership caters to all of your needs. The within of the basic is clean and inviting. There to be no pressure and also everyone had a an excellent time.

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Karen Fodadic

There been no expense spared no one is there any kind of thought not entertained as soon as putting this among a type experience come fruition. The owner has actually obviously placed his entirety heart in to making a fantasy a reality.. Ive BEEN TO many SUCH society NATIONWIDE, there IS NO complement TO WHAT YOU find AT THE SPOTT!!!!


David Simon

Pretty exciting experience! i am fairly brand-new to swinging however I "came" here and felt completely welcome. I got my pee pee sucked by one old woman with huge fake gazungas and also had a naked dance off with some various other fellows. I would have actually given 5 stars however the nachos to be cold.


Laura M

The spott is my favorite ar to be on Saturday nights. People are supervisor friendly and also welcoming, great music, good atmosphere and also the employee is at sight friendly and constantly makes certain you have actually a great time. Definatly the ar to it is in on Saturday nights in KC!


Lee Schroeder

My wife and I have been over there twice and also have had actually a an excellent time conference people, it is a friendly laid back atmosphere that is likewise respectful and fun. We look forward to going back again in the future, the is worth the 3+ hour journey for us.


Todd Jordan

Great atmosphere! constantly a good crowd. Swimming pool was pretty to have actually this summer and also the owner is always making improvements. To be going because that a year and also it simply keeps acquiring better!


Steven Dauer

Absolute good environment come hang out "clothing optional". My wife and I love that there and feel really comfortable with the people that to visit these parties. Amazing!


Patrick Maloney

This moron owner keeps trying come friend united state on LinkedIn, pinterest and facebook. If we want the whole human being to known around our hobby wed tell them ourselves..


Royal Bonjour

Great place, has actually heated pool, huge hot tub, vast deck, a good dance floor, and who have the right to beat that, nobody. A good place to party, plus the is BYOB.

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Mike James

Do you have to be 21? also if you not smoke or drink? Ill review my testimonial to 5 stars if me and my girlfriend can come in ~ the period of 20 and also get in.


Chancez Tullock

I will certainly be there on Saturday for certain wishing i would have actually known about it sooner! and also the owner is awesome


Carrie Rice

Love this place. An excellent time for everyone involved. Safe and clean and also alot the fun!!