Edit: I just thought of a brief one from among my WIP: "You're criminally stupid. Clumsy with other peoples' lives. Cavalier about things girlfriend should have the decency to be effectively ashamed of. But you aren't evil.

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someone will placed you under eventually. However it's no going to it is in me."

Not fanfiction, yet there’s this step from Bojack Horseman:

You room All the points That space Wrong through You

This is from a fic I published a few months back, an SI right into a young Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones. Tywin's father, Tytos, was an ineffective lord who was continually manipulated by his vassals until Tywin had sufficient of your shit and went come war v them.

"What precisely were you hoping to attain by hanging the Reynes?"

"Restoring ours family's honor."

"And exactly how does that do it? you told me you were riding the end to offer terms and restore the peace, not revolve Castamere into a butcher's house!"

"And the is what i did. I available the Reynes terms, lock refused, therefore I faced them. Currently we have peace."

"You had made that sound like you would display them mercy-"

"Mercy? You wish to class me around mercy? your gods-damned 'mercy' is how this whole bloody mess started!"

"Why, you- I- That-" Tytos's face was turning a shade of red that appeared to complement his doublet.

"Your 'mercy' meant that you were willing to forgive every missed interest payment, sign off on every loan increase without a second thought, and also ignore every an important word around it, all in the surname of 'letting bygones be bygones'. Girlfriend let your bannermen rob you blind because you were too afraid come tell them 'no'. Carry out you know just how much of the Rock's yellow you've given away to the Reynes and their toadies in the past seventeen years? carry out you?"

"N-no..." that stammered.

"Because i do. Eight million, eight hundred and also fifteen thousand, five hundred and also seventy-two yellow dragons plus interest. Five and a half million of those went into Roger Reyne's coffers, two million come the Tarbecks, and a million full to their lesser banners, landing knights, and also non-landed relatives. Virtually one of every ten coins in the absent passed the end its doors at your behest. To be it the you didn't know, or that you just didn't care? 'Oh, I'm too busy searching for a brand-new mistress to examine the finances, I'll simply let Tywin do it! I'll just have actually Tywin pull one more hundred thousand dragon from the budget plan for an additional loan, he deserve to shit yellow on command! I'll simply let Tywin run our finances and also ignore his advice at every turn, I'm sure he won't mind!' well guess what? I FUCKING MIND!"

Tytos simply stared slack-jawed, as if the truth that civilization didn't prefer him was some shocking new revelation.

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"And it's not just the loans. All of this," I brushed up my hands approximately at the empty hall and also let the end a sardonic chuckle, "this is your doing! you pissed far eight thousands years' worth of honor in much less than twenty! girlfriend marrying Genna to Emmon Frey, sending out Kevan to squire for the Reynes, the whores, the wine, giving away honors prefer candy, all of it turned house Lannister right into the laughingstock of Westeros! Did friend seriously think that mr Roger, Lady Ellyn, Walder Frey, or any of the bannermen actually loved you? Oh, they would laugh at her jokes and flatter you, however they all laugh at you behind her back. It to be a con, a scam, a large lie that you to buy into due to the fact that it enabled you come think the someone loved you. They loved the gold, they love how easily you'd component with it, lock loved how spineless friend were, lock loved just how you never stood up because that what's yours, however they never loved you. Component of me thinks that you knew the reality all along, yet you ignored that so you could live in your fantasy soil of mr Tytos the Well-Liked and also Beloved by every while your son, that you still witnessed as a boy to be scolded once he walk something you reject of, went and cleaned it up! You might be upset at me for reaping this, yet you were the one who sowed it lengthy ago! This is all on your hands, no mine!"

As I captured my breath, ns noticed the Tytos didn't even move a muscle, simply stare in ~ his shoes with his head hung low. Eventually, I experienced tears welling increase in his eyes. Was this what typically happened? that would put on his doe-eyes, cry some crocodile tears, and also grovel till someone spewed some feelgood bullshit at him? Well, it's not gonna job-related on me.