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1). Cholesterol is one amphipathic molecule include hydrophilic and a hydrophobic portion. The hydroxyl team of cholesterol aligns v the phosphate heads of the phospholipids. Component of the steroid ring in cholesterol is attractive to fatty acid ch…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 1) The presence of cholesterol in the plasma membrane of part animals: A) allows the membrane to continue to be fluid more easily when the cell temperature drops. B) allows the cell to include hydrogen atoms to unsaturated phospholipids. C) permits the cabinet to remove hydrogen atom from saturated phospholipids. D) provides the membrane much less flexible, enabling it come sustain greater pressure from in ~ the cell. E) renders the cell much more susceptible come circulatory disorders. 2) according to the fluid mosaic version of cell membranes, which of the complying with is a TRUE statement about membrane phospholipids? A) The have hydrophilic tails in the inner of the B) lock are cost-free to depart type the membrane and also dissolve in the surrounding solution C) They take place in one uninterrupted bilayer, with membrane proteins limited to the surface ar of the membrane. D) They frequently flip-flop form one side of the membrane come the other. E) The have the right to move laterally along the plane of the membrane. 3 which of the adhering to is a characteristic attribute of a transport protein in a plasma membrane? A) B) C) D) E) is a peripheral membrane protein. The exhibits a specificity because that a particular kind of molecule It calls for the expenditure the cellular energy to function. It works against diffusion. It has actually few, if any, hydrophobic amino acids. 4) Ifa membrane protein in an pet cell is connected in the co-transport of glucose and sodium ions into the cell, which of the adhering to is most likely true? A) The sodium ions are relocating down your electrochemical gradient while glucose is relocating up. B) Glucose is beginning the cell along its concentration gradient. C) sodium ions deserve to move under their electrochemical gradient through the co-transporter whether or not glucose is current outside the cell. D) Potassium ions move across the exact same gradient as sodium ons E) A substance the blocked sodium ion from binding to the co-transport protein would additionally block the carry of glucose.