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BOOk Talk: The Plot to death King

Thursday, November 2, 2017 • 6-8pm

National Civil civil liberties Museum, Ford Motor agency TheaterFree & open to the Public

The national Civil civil liberties Museum brings attorney and MLK assassination conspiracy theorist, Dr. William F. Pepper, to speak top top his recent book The Plot to kill King: The reality Behind the Assassination of boy name Luther King Jr. In Pepper’s years of research, the maintains the his previous client, James Earl Ray, did not pull the trigger on the weapon that killed Dr. King.

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Pepper befriended Dr. King in 1967 after ~ King had become acquainted through his job-related on the horrors the the Vietnam War. Pepper to be in brand-new York City as soon as King delivered his “Beyond Vietnam” decided at Riverside Baptist Church top top April 4, 1968.

As the defense attorney for James Earl beam in 1997, william Pepper has worked to prove beam did not kill King, but likewise that that unknowingly was component U.S. Federal government FBI-American crowd conspiracy come assassinate King. Years after Ray’s death in 1998, Pepper continues to adamantly controversy Ray’s innocence.

In a 1999 Memphis case that presented thousands of documents and over 70 witnesses, Pepper represented the family members of Dr. King the won a wrongful fatality lawsuit against Loyd Jowers and “other unknown co-conspirators” for the requested sum of $100. In 2000 the U.S. Room of righteousness reopened the case however finally garbage the verdict as result of insufficient evidence.

The Plot to kill King is an broadened volume the Pepper’s original best-selling book, Orders come Kill, v twenty-six year of added research. That includes new details that the night the the murder, the trial, and also why ray was preferred to take it the autumn for what Pepper believes was a government-sanctioned assassination. The plan, according to Pepper, was for a team of joined States military Special forces snipers to death King, but the plot to be preempted by a backup civilian assassin that pulled the trigger.

His findings make the publication one the the most controversial and uncensored stories of the murder of an American polite rights symbol who in the 1960s was thought about by some a danger to the standing quo.

AboutWilliam F. Peper

Dr. Wilhelm F. Pepper is a human rights lawyer made famous for his defense the James Earl ray in the MLK assassination trial and also the Sirhan Sirhan trial because that the murder of city council Robert Kennedy. Pepper is additionally the author of Orders to Kill and also An act of State. He has been active in federal government conspiracy cases, consisting of the 9/11 reality Movement, and in attempts to charge George W. Bush with war crimes. He to be appointed a barrister the the united Kingdom, yet now generally resides in new York.

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The museum’s Book and also Author series is made possible by the Slomo and also Cindy Silvian Foundation. The occasion is free and open to the public.