If friend hear this message as soon as you contact a number, might this possibly median that her number is blocked?

Okay, thank you, both that you, but do you have any idea why the call wouldn"t ring before this message was played? That"s what puzzled me.

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EDIT: If as soon as you dubbed the number it went directly to to that message, it way the person has their call turned off, or decreased your call...

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It could mean you"re blocked. Every these other world are implicitly claiming that, if her number had actually been blocked, the other side would certainly tell you so. Why? So you could contact from another number.

If your number is blocked, it might say any variety of things, relying on the prevent service and also how they have it said. It might say the number is invalid or disconnected, or this. Shot calling the person from another number. If you get the same thing, you"re probably not blocked. If girlfriend actually get their voicemail, then you"re certainly blocked.

nope, it method the human being you"re reaching didn"t collection up your voice mail yet. It"s a process you have to do when you obtain a brand-new phone. My girlfriend never set her"s up. She"s as well lazy.

It way Google Voice has a bug.

That message comes increase if you have actually calls routed straight to the phones. If you pick the option to display calls, voice letter works.

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No, that person just hasn"t setup your voicemail for your phone! maybe the phone to be being porting to another agency and remained in the stages of being ported. Then when the ported process was end you heard the message above! I know it happen to me!

Either your phone is reduced off, or you"ve to be blocked--although that might take you right to voicemail if you space blocked

when ns send a post to this person it claims sent and the time sent yet it does not say delivered. It has two envelopes v a red capital I .Does that typical I am blocked

no the doesn"t average you"re blocked.

it means exactly what that says.

um it didn"t ring cuz the person"s phone was off.

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