Been love this game, however I have actually one significant gripe, and that's cloud ruins once you return over there in the previous theres not enough checkpoints. The strings of insane platforming toward the finish of the area with no checkpoints is just finish unfair. There's also a perfect spot because that one wherein the phobekin is

Otherwise enjoying the game. Simply this platforming is pass out part serious rage

Edit: therefore I completely forgot how to spoiler tag things on oops

Edit2: simply as a rapid update i did end up the game. Totally abandoned the power seal collection and also didn't have too much trouble after that. I appreciated the game yet idk if it's miscellaneous i'd replay (other than for the DLC)

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Yeah, ns feel choose this game was in ~ its best in the an initial part where it to be a Ninja Gaiden-like. The principle of "Hey, those level you were going through? actually a Metroidvania!" was a great concept, but in practice it felt like going v the same levels backwards.

It felt choose I instantly went from playing a straight platformer game to the most tedious component of any type of MV, once 80% the the map is revealed and you're just randomly hike around, searching for places girlfriend haven't been however or puzzles you haven't solved. Not a bad experience, however I kinda great they left it together a straight up Ninja Gaiden clone.

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Oh i loved that, so lot meh backtracking and then lastly a great use of the moment travelling and also such. If you have actually all the upgrades there's no much more to carry out though, that is hard yet I think that's as hard as the gets.

I highly recommend you seek all the strength seals on your first time through or when you revisit Manny Fresh. It to be kinda annoying, i admit, when I had to revisit it. (I wasn't going after all the seals at first. And, yes, this method I have to redo the elemental skylands.