Well a scotsman clad in kilt left a bar one evening fairAnd one could tell by exactly how he to walk the he'd drunk an ext than his shareHe fumbled 'round till he could no longer keep his feetAnd he stumbled off in to the grass to sleep alongside the streetДругие названия этого текстаTom Lehrer - The Drunk Scotsman tune (0)Irish Rovers - The Drunk Scotsman song (0)
Irish Rovers - The drunk scots - lyrics ireland Rovers - The drunk scotsman On YouTube it appears too hazy, ... Is the cover song by ...

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ireland ROVERS - THE DRUNK SCOTTSMAN - ... Music. "The Scotsman" by Bryan Bowers ...
The Drunken scot - v Lyrics
tune Title: The Drunken Scotsman. Artist: Sallymacs ... Love come walk right into an irish pub and ...
The drunk scotsman (lyrics)
irish rovers was song on British pearls leaving the port of Connecticut in brand-new England 1830 ...
The Drunken Scotsman- by Danno
The Drunken Scotsman. ... Here's the lyrics for ya: well a scot clad in kilt left a bar one ...
THE irish ROVERS - The Drunk Scottsman (live ...
THE ireland ROVERS - The Drunk Scottsman (live) zendpiraatpet.
drunk scots
my pics to go in addition to the track drunk scotsman by ireland rovers.
Irish Rovers,, the drunk scottsman
st patrick's day,, irish rovers..the drunk scottsman. ... Music. "The Scotsman" by Bryan Bowers ...

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