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The future is bulletproofThe aftermath is secondaryIt"s time to do it now and do it loudKilljoys, make some noise!Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na nanananananaNa na-Na-Na na-Na-Na nanananananaNa na-Na-Na na-Na-NaNa-Na-Na na-Na-NaNa-Na-Na na-Na-Na naDrugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugsI don"t need it, but I"ll sell what you gotTake the cash and I"ll keep itEight legs to the wallHit the gas, kill "em allAnd we crawl!And we crawl!And we crawl!You"ll be my detonatorLove, gimme love, gimme loveI don"t need it, but I"ll take what I wantFrom your heart and I"ll keep itIn a bag, in a boxPut an X on the floorGimme more!Gimme more!Gimme more!Shut up and sing it with meNa na-Na-Na na-Na-NaFrom Mall Security (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)To every enemy (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)We"re on your property (Na-Na-Nanana)Standing in a V formationNa na-Na-Na na-Na-NaLet"s blow an artery (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)Eat plastic surgery (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)Keep your apology (Na-Na-Nanana)Give us more detonationMore!Gimme more!Gimme more!Let me tell you "bout the sad manShut up and let me see your jazz handsRemember when you were a madmanThought you was BatmanAnd hit the party with a gas canKiss me you animal!Na na-Na-Na na-Na-NaYou run the company (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)Fuck like a Kennedy (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)I think we"d rather be (Na-Na-Nanana)Burning your informationNa na-Na-Na na-Na-NaLet"s blow an artery (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)Eat plastic surgery (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)Keep your apology (Na-Na-Nanana)Give us more detonationRight here, right nowAll the way in Battery CityLittle children raise their open filthy palmsLike tiny daggers up to heavenAnd all the Juvee Halls, and the ritalin ratsAsk angels made from neon and fucking garbageScream out! What will save us?And the sky opened upEverybody wants to change the worldEverybody wants to change the worldBut no one, no one wants to dieWanna try, wanna try, wanna try,Wanna try, wanna try now!I"ll be your detonator!(Guitar Solo)Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na naNa na-Na-Na na-Na-NaMake no apologies (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)It"s death or victory (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)On my authority (Na-Na-Nanana)Crash and burn, young and loadedNa na-Na-Na na-Na-NaDrop like a bullet shell (Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)Dress like a sleeper cell(Na-Na-Nanana)(Na na-Na-Na na-Na-Na)I"d rather go to hell (Na-Na-Nanana)Then be in a purgatoryCut my hair, gag and bore mePull this pin, let this world explode