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The updated version of The Encyclopedia Of vital Oils through Julia Lawless is an exceptional reference that covers 182 vital oils. That is perfect for beginners and as a referral for an ext advanced aromatherapy students, practitioners and also professionals. The highlights of this publication include the following:

An arrival to Aromatics

This section introduces the leader to aromatherapy, that history, and also guidelines for effectively use the the oils.

The Oils

This ar is the heart of this book. Monographs (details) that 182 oils are noted within this ar with one full page dedicated to each oil. As this book is rather tall, each page is larger than the average book. Photos because that each oil include photos the the plant and its parts offered for the oil. A photo of the oil in a clean glass vial is also included therefore the reader deserve to view the shade of every oil. Additionally included is Latin name, family, herbal/folk tradition, aromatherapy/home use, safety and security data, constituents, other uses, distribution, and also other types information.

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Contents for The portrayed Encyclopedia of necessary Oils

Part I: An arrival to Aromatics historical RootsAromatherapy and also Medical HerbalismThe body — Actions and also ApplicationsHow to Use important Oils in ~ HomeCreative BlendingA guide to aromatic MaterialsPart II: The OilsAcknowledgementsReferencesBibliographyUseful AddressesTherapeutic IndexGeneral GlossaryBotanical ClassificationBotanical Index

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