Nicholas Kirk is one emmy-nominated songwriter, producer and also composer—he owns and operates Whitestone Motion pictures with companion Brandon McCormick set against the background of the Appalachian Mountains.

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He likewise makes up fifty percent of the songwriting duo well-known as The brothers Bright, a team that has actually served together the songwriting team for Whitestone motion Pictures. The duo is finest known for your track “Blood On mine Name,” which was prominently featured in season 3 of NBC’s The Blacklist.

Read on for our interview through Nicholas Kirk, wherein we take a deep dive right into the brothers Bright, songwriting, the story behind “Blood on mine Name,” and also his upcoming projects.

What initially drew you come music and also songwriting?

Nicholas Kirk: Writing was because, ns think everyone the starts out playing an instrument—whether she in marching band or picking up a guitar—you start practicing and getting far better and most of those guys end up act “how rapid can i play and also how facility can i make it.“ i think once I was at Berklee and also I went in over there the very very first day, friend walk under the hall to walk to her audition and I heard the greatest playing I’d ever heard. Ns was like “wow, damn, ns guess I’m never gonna execute that. Probably I have to focus more on songwriting.“ and also it was best after that i listened to Brad Paisley say, “if she gonna solo all the time, you have to have a song to play over.“ and it kind of blew my mind indigenous a slim songwriting standpoint.

What did her musical education and learning look like?

Kirk: I wanted to go obtain a degree, I wanted to go to virtually a profession school and learn producing and engineering. I was the the generation whereby your mom and dad were like “you have actually to obtain a degree.“ ns studied music at UGA for two years and also switched come Berklee halfway through due to the fact that I didn’t desire to be a band director. I decided to go study the stuff that was interesting. And, any type of school the you go to it is a music college, lock usually protect against at classic harmony. Gregorian Chants and also then Bach shows up and also it starts come turn right into where you’re simply studying the rule of Bach, i m sorry is amazing, but they would never address any 20th century music and that was such a bummer to me. And that to be my favorite part about going come Berklee. I remember being in your music concept classes and also they used “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” as an example of exactly how you have the right to have a three major chord, i m sorry technically no exist as soon as you research Bach. As you’re trying come learn just how to it is in a writer, so lot of it is, particularly in filmmaking, okay, “what emotion room you trying come get throughout here?“ exactly how do i filter everything adjective girlfriend said into this piece of music? Berklee was super critical in help me placed a name to the chords that meant something come me; it’s very much an ext practical. Berklee was great at the practical side the that, because that sure.

What does her songwriting or creative process watch like as soon as tasked with writing because that film?

Kirk: I would certainly say 90 percent of it is the exact same for noþeles else. I will be the first one to recognize that ns am supervisor weird, what us did with Brothers Bright was super weird, Whitestone is frequently super weird—I don’t understand why it is what’s in us, but it is. For this reason that process whether I’m doing a track for myself or a movie is about the same, the only thing that renders it different in the context of movie is “how walk this work in the paper definition of the story.“

Can you talk around the tune “It’s a exorbitant life,” off of A tune Treasury?

Kirk: We did a brief film referred to as Consumerism: The Musical and also I don’t recognize what we also were influenced by, but it’s simply this guy who’s obsessed through consumerism. The goes about making man choices, i feel choose that’s, specifically at the time, and means more now, ours country, America makes a lot of damaging choices—I’ll walk in debt to be cool, to convince everyone that I’m far better than i am with a brand-new house or a brand-new car, and I’m not a big fan of that. We just wanted to be something that was funny and that was over the top on the purpose, to yes, really make sure that you’re hammering home the allude that’s parody.

Kirk: We wrote one more short, referred to as “Blood on mine Name,” and when they contacted me around it—I mean, again, I’m an extremely flattered that you’re questioning me this questions but it is funny, we never ever really set out to perform anything. The brothers Bright never also played one show. I wanted to be a dad; I wanted to it is in a husband, and also the life that a traveling musician is not the many glamorous thing when it concerns peoples’ personal lives. And I just valued being a great husband and also father much more than make the efforts to go out and also find fame and fortune. For whatever reason, making movies was something I always wanted to do—we can do this, and also I can live here and also have children and raise them and if people find it and love the music, all the better, that’s super cool, yet I was okay being obscure. When it concerned “Blood on mine Name,” we simply wrote it and also put it out because it was the latest thing we did. Several of the films we did had big attraction, “Blood on mine Name” was one of the bigger ones.

We went earlier and chose to make a attribute out of it; for united state it was the latest thing we did, never thought anything about it. It was supplied in a bunch that commercials, HBO choose it up for True Blood—this is the most boring interview and worst advice—I asked them exactly how they discovered it and they said “oh, we simply went ~ above iTunes and typed ‘blood.‘“ So, I’ll take it. As soon as NBC called, your showrunner love the short, he had actually seen the short. He maintained telling me just how influenced they were by “Blood on my Name”—when the episode came out and I ultimately saw it, yes sir a scene whereby there’s three men being hung—that to be our short. It wasn’t so lot that he loved the song; he love the short and pulled loads of elements from it. And it was really flattering. When he realized the that illustration was heavily influenced through that short film, he reached out and also was like “we might also put the tune in there.“ and that’s the beauty beauty of music as a medium; in the way we strategy it—you’re no gonna take the end “Spoonful that Sugar” from mary Poppins, but the music we do, you can pluck the end a song and it have the right to stand on its own, and also that was always a an extremely conscious decision.

It to be cool come hear in ~ the time. I’m pertained to with make stuff. I don’t understand if the was just the great’s that I always respected would always crap ~ above the industry. “No, man, you placed your nose down and make great stuff and if yes an audience, you’ll discover it.“ and I, come a fault, think in that. That been difficult trying to acquire some stuff out there—while we’ve seen success, it’s just in the pan of the people. There’s no one in the music sector I could call and try to key a tune to; I’m no in it, it’s not my thing.

For a lot of artists, music is a therapeutic outlet—in the sort of songwriting friend do, with details intentions or for details placement in mind, does it still serve that outlet in some way?

Kirk: The component of me the does music for funny is the male that sits in bed in ~ night and strums an acoustic guitar while ns watch TV. It’s choose a security blanket. You just hold it. It way something come me. The is therapeutic (sic), yet it’s definitely more served in the do of it—they’re every the same thing; it’s a puzzle and it’s the hardest puzzle to solve. And that is interesting; I favor that component and I like being done through it, however the actual do of it, I’m simply too impatient. It every exists in mine head the second I create it—the action of acquiring it from my brain to the mp3 is the work I don’t like doing. I want to go to Disney World. Ns don’t want to journey to Disney World.

Do you want to describe a bit around your upcoming project?

Kirk: We have a attribute coming out right here soon and that one, there’s simply nothing choose it. Ns would never tell friend it’s any type of good, yet it’s supervisor unique. You’re either gonna love the or dislike it. That’s interesting to me in a human being where every little thing starts to obtain a little homogeneous, we’re means over here. We tell anyone it’s Mary Poppins meets Pulp Fiction, if you have the right to imagine the ridiculousness that the gore the Tarentino yet really catchy singable songs. It’s super weird, but I prefer it. That super challenging to rise over the noise, and doing this, make a southerly Gothic musical is just unique and also if nothing else will certainly get human being to go, “wait, what?“ that’s the idea. Imagine “Blood on my Name,” the movie or the song, but an entire feature universe. We’ll check out if it’s any good, or if civilization like it, however it absolutely won’t be ignored, ns think.

You have the right to listen to The brothers Bright here.

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