The “that’s not how this works” meme source from one Esurance advertisement licensed has been granted ‘Beatrice’ in 2014.

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In the viral video clip clip, number of elderly women have actually a misguided argument about how on facebook works, v the woman in the violet responding come an ‘in-person’ unfriending request: “That’s not just how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”

The initial Esurance Beatrice Commercial


AdWeek interviewed the creators as component of a collection on advertisement that influenced memes, and they said that they thought “they’d be the first to produce a meme indigenous the advertisement shortly ~ it showed up on YouTube, they to be surprised to uncover that world had currently made their own GIFs and also memes, straight from the transfer version.”

For everything reason, the phrase resonated v people. Society media users fell in love with it top top Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, creating a range of funny picture captions. In a nutshell, the reaction meme expresses mildly exasperated consternation.

It’s used in funny ways- examine out some of our favorite memes to arise from this famous ad:

The Funniest The it is Not how This works Memes


THATS NOT exactly how THIS WORKSTHATS no HOW any OF THIS functions

— birthday in one main fox (
Just_fionna) January 27, 2019

Over top top Twitter, a user provided the meme to mock a school’s misuse that the ROAR acronym.

Curing Depression

it is not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. Indigenous WhitePeopleTwitter

The white human being twitter subreddit had a funny meme. They were apparently motivated by a tweet in which somebody claims that lock cured depression merely by deciding to protect against being depressed. In a weird way, it’s no so counterintuitive that this could work considering that emotional claims are regularly a product of perspective.

PMS Problems




A woman with PMS symptoms strong reacts to she boyfriend’s pointer that she take some Midol to patience herself down.

Proving Innocence



A an ext political perspective, the image is offered to make funny of the fact that proving innocence to acquire off a watch perform is clearly ludicrous.

Flat earth Believers

That’s not how any kind of of this works from insanepeoplefacebook

In the middle of all of the flat planet hype, a meme emerged mocking flat planet believers who were difference flat and circular planet pros and also cons.

Impeaching Trump

That’s no how any of this works you fucking morons native facepalm

Where would certainly we it is in without some anti-Trump image making? In this one, a user mirrors off a shirt that defines the meaning of “Trumpeached”. The a long and also meandering definition that’s quite funny- it clearly triggered part Reddit individuals who are rapid to overreact come anything MAGA related.

My Dad played Basketball

That’s not how any kind of of this works from facepalm

Another social media post showcased a mrs bragging the she is a “black queen”. As soon as she to be challenged around her race, she claimed that she father play basketball. Somebody responded to she saying that’s not exactly how that works.

Shitty car Mods

Thats not how any type of of this works! from Shitty_Car_Mods

This cars alteration subreddit showed off a really weird wheel rim style that was apparently affixed come the car door.

Tinder Bestie

That’s no how any type of of this works! from Tinder

Another funny instance comes from and also Tinder. It shows off a 23-year-old girl composing that she’s utilizing the date platform to find a ideal friend- no a romantic partner.

Essential oil MLM

it is not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. From antiMLM

Inside of Reddit’s anti multilevel marketing forum, they had a many fun v a screenshot that a woman supposedly claiming that crucial oils can be used to treat brain tumors.

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Fellow youngsters Hilarity

That’s no how any type of of this functions from FellowKids

r/FellowKids specializes in the end of touch supplies of memes. They’ve found a funny example here- a misused Toy Story meme apparently issuing a PSA for children to wear your issued i would cards.