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Translator’s corner (Cast: one English Clown and also a Landlord)

Clown: good evening, sir Landlord!

Landlord: Am i an English knight now?

Clown: !! i didn’t recognize the landlord to be night itself! to think you to be such crucial being! ns am really impressed.

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Landlord: What foolishness space you on about now?

Clown: The same one as always; ns am a Clown, after ~ all.

Landlord: *Sigh* The police stopped by today; to be they right here for her illegal translation?

Clown: exactly how rude! I have permission from the author to interpret it!

Landlord: Is that so… don’t cause me any type of problems, you hear? ok raise your rent!

Clown: … Landlord-san, rotate that laugh upside down. I’ll do you laugh through a great joke!

Landlord: i don’t–

Clown: A housewife dubbed up a pets store and also said, “Send me thirty-thousand cockroaches in ~ once.” “What in the people do you want through thirty-thousand cockroaches?” request the astonished clerk. “Well,” responded the woman, “I am moving today and my lease claims I must leave the basic in precisely the same condition I discovered them…”



Life in the royal Capital

047. A City’s Specialty

Devil Grucius is a wolfman.

Valued because that his terrific espionage abilities, he to be assigned a mystery mission through the Demon mr Karion.

He was remembering his words,

「Observe them however take care to walk unnoticed; if friend see any type of other devils, expand the invite to the oni prior to them!」

Devils various other than himself? as soon as he asked about that, Karion added,

「Clayman and also Milim will be sending among their subordinates there.

Working along with them provides me the creeps, so perform as i asked!」

He said, averting his gaze.

「Ah! Karion-sama! Why have actually you escaped your gaze?

Could lock be such troublesome opponents?」

Upon hearing this question, Karion was confused for a second, however his confusion quickly turned into a broad grin.

「I see! you haven’t heard that Milim, have actually you! Is that just how it is… i see, i see!

Alright! No problem, in the case. Regarding Milim’s subordinate, or rather, the one who describes oneself as her subordinate–do not go versus her!

As lengthy as she continues to be happy, all is good! however I have finish trust in you!」

So he said.

Grucius was thinking around the concern he ardently tried to dismiss.

“Milim” most likely refers to Demon lord Milim Nava. A renowned demon lord that also Grucius has heard of.

She is without doubt strong. By strength alone, she would be a match for Karion-sama; the worst situation scenario–she would surpass him.

Her personality deserve to be defined with 4 words: quick tempered, haughty, cruel, and egoistic. Nothing good is ever said around her.

However, why have to he fear her subordinate?

It has actually been only 100 years since Grucius ended up being a devil. So, he naturally did not know.

Not about Milim, at least–those rumors excluded.

Soon – as soon as he reached the conference place, to be specific – he easily regretted his ignorance.

Devil Myulan to be lamenting her misfortune.

Working with other Demon Lord’s subordinates was negative enough. However, among them was Demon mr Milim herself.

「I bear duty for the outcome…」

Demon mr Clayman said,

「But i don’t have any type of disposable pawns other than yourself.

Had i not shed Gelmudo, i would have sent him, but…

Nothing we have the right to do about that, right? he went and died!」

No further discussion would be held on this topic.

Demon lord Clayman.

Nicknamed Marionette Master. Someone that manipulates friends and subordinates choose dolls.

For him, the previously mentioned matter is set in stone.

And though Myulan was just called a disposable pawn, she short the willpower come retort.

She had actually no choice but come accept.

The demon lord named Milim she knew all as well well.

So Demon mr Clayman offered her one order.

Stall the various other demon lords and find around their weaknesses!

Just the much.

Since Milim was connected in this case, any kind of further task would it is in impossible.

Myulan agreed.

Demon mr Milim is by no method stupid. She is called quick tempered and also impudent, yet that is not true.

Moreover, she possesses an abnormal perception, so fooling her would certainly prove difficult.

Thus, it would be best to not try to on slide anything previous her.

But Myulan had actually no factor to it is in vigilant towards Milim’s subordinate.

And however she to be still on she guard versus Milim.

She understood why she should stay vigilant, Demon lord Clayman had conveyed that to her a little while ago.

Chances are, Demon mr Karion likewise knew.

The reason was,

「Oh, for this reason you would certainly be mine comrades, huh? i am Demon lord Karion’s subordinate Grucius!」

「Pleased to meet you, i am Demon lord Clayman’s Myulan!」

「I’m Milim!」

Milim’s subordinate was i do not have anything to it is in found.

That’s just how it was.

And thus, the three gathered at the rendezvous point.

* * *

The treaty in between the Dwarf Kingdom and the Monsters’ nation essentially testified bilateral cooperation.

The fact that their 2 representatives signed the treaty ascertains its validity.

Could a treaty between two countries be developed this easily? due to the fact that that exceeds mine knowledge, i asked,

「Hmm? That’s not a problem. Because I swear by the gods, spirits, and also sacred ancestors, ns cannot falsely sign.

And you no a human, space you?

Through the contract’s authority, must you lie, you’d be erased, girlfriend know?」

and received such a nonsensical response. So, i asked『Great Sage』for one explanation.

Apparently, monsters can not lie. Ns was totally oblivious to that very important fact.

We can not convey what we believe to it is in a lie. However, the does not average we can not fool people.

Omitting facts, for example, or leading them to think something by revealing only certain facts.

However, in case of contracts, lying with the abovementioned methods becomes essentially impossible.

Well, if you deserve to talk yourself the end of the lie then no problem; but if you publicly explain a lie, your presence will be erased.

It’s a rule pertaining to every monster.

However, monster born with birth space not always bound through this rule, and sometimes capable of informing lies.

Goblins can lie freely. Top top the other hand, high monsters and also demons exemplify this rule, and also are famous for being bound by contracts.

Demons nothing tell lies. Although they space often called sly, they room actually a quite pure race.

And when human being come to believe this they thrive negligent, and a demon concerns snatch away their soul…

「Even despite you’re a monster, you didn’t understand this? Rimuru, no you strange…」

「I’ve been born not too lengthy ago. I’m still in the process of learning?」

「Is that so… well, whatever. You re welcome don’t coincidentally erase your entire nation after I visited the problem of recognizing it!

Your preeminence assures the safety and security of the whole forest. I beg you!」

「Well, we’ve just finished structure this city, and also we don’t intend to lose it; so, we’ll perform our best!」

And thus, we signed the treaty into effect.

I still nothing know every one of this world alphabet, yet I deserve to at least write mine name. Ns learned that lot when i was bored.

The minute I wrote my name, the file began to glow and also split into two.

The paper, that seems, to be made by the Ghost Researchers. To annul it, you would must burn both of the duplicates at the exact same time.

However, as long as the various other party is living, ruining the document is impossible. It would merely restore itself to how it to be before.

We tried the once, and also it was exactly as they said.

Thus the contract to be complete. This contract must be kept in between the 2 countries. And while openly advertising it is no a problem per se, it sort of defeats its purpose.

There is no have to let the world know around it.

The Dwarf King accepts his copy, pleased.

「I’ll also leave this come you!」

He said, and took out a decision as large as a fist.

When I welcomed it,

「That’s a interaction crystal. Ask Bester around its installation.

Use that in instance of an emergency. And stay in an excellent health!」

He explained, and also saddled the Pegasus.

And, looking in ~ Bester,

「Bester, you must research to her heart’s content here!」

「King! This time, I will certainly live as much as your expectations!!!」

He said and nodded at the response.


He added, and also flew off.

He unexpectedly came, and hurriedly left.

Just prefer a storm.

「Hey, Kaijin, is it okay for your country to have actually such a… cost-free willed individual as a king?」

「Who knows… but, he’s ruled for plenty of hundreds the years, and has many of achievements, for this reason it should be fine!

But never in mine time in the court have I watched him move approximately so selfishly…」

「Oh well! ns the last person who can criticize him!」

Right, I also am plan to operation off to some human village.

I’m no planning come say something that will certainly limit my capability to move around.

Leaving the conversation in ~ that, us left the clearing.

The treaty documents I deposited right into my stomach.

Since our defenses aren’t perfect as of yet, having it stolen would make for a negative story.

“Would that reappear if i were to lose it?” is one experiment I will not conduct.

And thus, we successfully established a treaty with the Dwarf Kingdom.

Now then, it’s around time I think about the class Gazelle teach me yesterday–

「Rimuru-dono, Kaijin-dono, ns humbly beg her forgiveness! would certainly it be possible for me to job-related here?」

Bester interrupted my thoughts.

Now the he mentions it, the did almost entrap us… i had completely forgotten.

「I’ll be frank, have the right to you follow my orders?

I forbid discrimination against any gyeongju of monsters! are you okay v that?」

「Of course. I have actually reflected on my mistakes. In the an initial place, it has lead me to feel envious the Kaijin-dono…

I will not repeat that mistake!

I want to do proceed my beloved research study with every my strength; ns would never betray that wish!」

「As because that me, I would only benefit from an excellent researcher!

If anything to be to happen, ok take duty for him.

So, Rimuru-danna, please forgive him!」

Kaijin claimed so.

Well, fairly than me, it would be you, Kaijin, who would be troubled…

「Well, if you fine through it Kaijin, I have no complaints.

Pleased to have actually you, Bester!」

Thus, Bester came to be our brand-new comrade.

And because he ended up being our brand-new comrade, us made a discovery which became our city’s specialty.

* * *

Worst work ever.

How plenty of sighs has the devil Grucius suppressed until now?

Remembering Demon lord Karion’s vast grin just evoked anger.

He knew, that bastard. Actually, no–I should have known myself. Therefore he thought.

Worst work ever.

Who would have actually guessed that riding top top his ago would be a demon mr herself?

Worst work ever.

The moment they met,

「Hey, shorty. Exactly how dare you contact yourself with a demon lord’s name?

I i will not ~ tell her master, so surname yourself at once!」

He had actually said.

And the second he claimed it, he was knocked unconscious.

Grucius lamented his misfortune.

In the first place, he had never checked out the Demon lord Milim.

Having beautiful, glossy blond hair tied in pair tails, and a short stature, anyone would mistake she for part random kid.

No one would mean her come be very strong.

Though she to be making a really cute face, the minute he called her a shorty, her expression changed.

Her round eyes instantly turned sharp, and her lips twisted right into a cruel smile.

Then, his consciousness faded.

After obtaining hit a 2nd time, that was the end cold; and that brings united state to the present situation.

The other devil Myulan ignored him.

Worst job ever.

Grucius was reflecting. No to referee a adversary by your looks is usual sense, so why did that commit such a tomb error…

Myulan must have actually known.

Right before Grucius to be hit he experienced her eyes open up wide, as if screaming: what the hell girlfriend saying, idiot?!

He would more than likely say the very same thing had he known…

Worst job ever.

If only… if only he to be told about this…

However, he to be told not to go against whoever would contact herself as Milim’s subordinate.

But who would have actually thought the she wouldn’t call herself a subordinate but openly surname herself…?

Is Milim moral to a fault? No, the was as well late to have actually such thoughts.

Since then, Grucius made certain to never ever judge a devil by your cover!

And, now.

He’s in his wolf form, running with the forest.

Thanks to his regenerative abilities, he somehow endured.

After getting knocked around, he to be then ordered to let she ride. The course, he never ever even thought about refusing.

Myulan is to run by his side.

For the devils, this much wouldn’t tires them at all.

And thus, the three came ~ above a details city.

* * *

We’ve been liven continuing emerging our restorative medicine.

Well, ns doubt friend can speak to trying to reduced its power “development”, however.

Could us dilute a solitary restorative pill (98% purity) through ten time the lot of water to develop a high course (60%) medicine?

We tried come so, but it verified impossible. That turned into low class (20%) medicine.

If you supplied a high quality pill, the purity would only go increase by 10%.

And then, Bester made an unanticipated discovery.

He had actually wanted to view our hipokte grass farm, so i guided him to the cave of the Seal.

He was scared of riding the star wolf at first, yet quickly acquired used come it.

And thus, we gotten in the cave. Gabil welcomed us at the entrance and showed us in.

After observing our cultivation, Bester checked out look at the secret lake.

「Rimuru-dono, hipokte grass deserve to be grew due to the high magic energy density of this lake, right?

So what if we tried diluting the restorative pill not through normal water, however with this water?」

I see, we must test his theory at once!

And so we did. Us were able to develop medium grade (40%) medicine.

Of course, through a high quality pill, the purity rose to 50%.

How wonderful. A great success.

We additionally tested just just how much we can dilute it; indigenous a solitary pill we could create 20 tool grade medicines.

Nodding to Kaijin, I provided him a high five.

We succeeded.

The an initial specialty the Monsters’ City Tempest.

And that’s exactly how we do it.

Bester seemed prefer he was having actually a many fun taking care of the grass through Gabil.

Perhaps lock are quite compatible.

「Huh, no you chummy. Bester, how around we do you a room here?」

I had meant it together a joke, but

「Would you really?! come think that i would likewise be permitted to reside in this cave.

It has actually the perfect atmosphere for (mad) scientific research experiments!」

He said, his eye sparkling.

「Are girlfriend sure? There room B+ rank Centipedes approximately here, you know?」

「Hmph. No problem.

I might not watch it, yet I’ve you disturb yourself in sorcery, and am rather good at it!」

I looked at Kaijin, and also he to be shaking his head. A lie?

「As lengthy as girlfriend don’t regret it. We’ll be prepare a room for you!」

「No problem, i said! Gabil-dono is here, ~ all!」

I see, if Gabil is here, Bester won’t be attacked, huh.


「Gabil, can I leaving Bester to you?」

「Please do! ns am here, and also I will likewise assign 2 of mine subordinates!」

How reputable he has gotten.

I quiet worry about him acquiring a huge head, yet I guess he was solid to begin with.

But he appears to have actually calmed under recently, and also gets in addition to Bester nice well, so i should simply leave it to him.

And so, us had constructed Bester’s research study lab in the cave.

Gabil had two the his subordinates security the room in the cave, and the result was actually rather pleasant.

If this is to end up being his lab, we probably don’t should include any life necessities.

But, us do require to number out exactly how he will be do the pilgrimage to the cavern all the time.

While ns was reasoning these things,

「Rimuru-dono, can I set up a magic circle here?

It would be difficult to produce inside these doors, yet it is possible outside.

Should I collection it up?」

I had mentioned prior to that I want to have a magic circle in ~ the place where I defeated the black color snake.

A〈Transportation Magic System〉circle, to it is in precise. If you create two the same circles, you can move in between them.

Well, ns guess it i will not ~ be inaccurate come say that I’m comes to favor sorcery. Kaijin was also surprised, listening Bester define this.

Thus, as lengthy as monsters i will not ~ be showing up in the center of our village, I determined to allow it.

Bester then attracted a circle within his house and also another inside the cave. And also thus, he solved the transport problem.

But wow, transportation circles are convenient.

Of course, I had him immediately teach me.

And, ~ Gabil and the rest also learned it, we were able to move easily between the city and also the cave.

Bester is an unexpectedly valuable dwarf.

As because that the male himself, the was just engrossed fantasizing around all the study he will do.

Since i left part restorative pills and also demon steel v him, the can continue researching those on his own.

I’ve also introduced him come Kurobee and also Shuna, which started another long conversation.

Rather 보다 politics, this guy is created science.

He seemed really boring as soon as he to be obsessed through political power.

I guess it corrupts you.

But truly, people should be doing every little thing they enjoy. As long as that doesn’t cause trouble for others!

And so, ~ spending part time with Bester, the naturally became one of our comrades.

* * *

Ending his meditation, he opened his eyes.

In the middle of a dimly lit room of a high class inn, the Dwarf King sat.

One that the Espionage Department’s leader stayed at–using an alias, the course.

The King laughed. It’s to be a lengthy time due to the fact that he’s had such an exciting experience.

「King, are you in great health?」

Suddenly, a shadow appeared nearby.

He knew right away–it was one of his spies.

The reality that the slipped the end of the palace and also was now here probably led to a great commotion in ~ the palace.

In the very first place, he has actually a hundred civilization as his personal guard, because that them to have let someone in or out undetected is simply preposterous.

They required to be retrained, for this reason the King thought.

「No problem!」

He reply briefly.

There might have to be no problems. Then, despite it’s been a lengthy time since he last used this skill, that used『Spirit Possession』on the spy.

And, let the Espionage Leader know,

(You will go back to the imperial Capital, taking the Pegasus with you! Disappear into the shadows together you constantly do after ~ that)

(Ay! as you command!)

A typical exchange.

His trusted confidant, Espionage Department’s leader.

With a same face and the exact same body. A clone developed by the Ghost Researchers.

That to be a secret shared only between the two of them.

Unlike in the direction of a stranger, the King could perfectly use『Spirit Possession』on this spy.

In instance of part emergency, this to be his trumped card.

The Dwarf King Gazelle Dwargo to be remembering yesterday’s complement with the slime.

That slime will become very strong…

Just v reaction rate alone he to be able to get my sword.

Gazelle did not intend to hit the sword out that Rimuru’s hands. The intended to land a hit on Rimuru’s head.

And that hit, even if it is he fell behind v the assault or not, Rimuru was able to react to.

How amusing, he despite from the bottom that his heart.

What will end up being of this treaty, he did no know.

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Don’t disappoint me, Slime Rimuru!

Gazelle feel the approaching end of the era of peace.

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