What am I an alleged to answer to this? I'm an undergrad college student so i haven't had large experiences failing in ~ things, apart from my chauffeurs license and a couple of math tests...

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They ask the question, not because they care around the certain thing girlfriend failed, but to see how you comment in that form of situation and also how it has actually influenced you.

Any fail you can think of is good as lengthy as friend can describe how you comment to the failure and what girlfriend learned indigenous it.

For behavioral interviewing in general, it can assist to usage the STAR method. STAR means situation, task, action, result. You use this formula to framework your answer and make sure you room not just telling a story however showing exactly how you comment to a particular situation and also hopefully what you learned indigenous it.

It is a difficult question, therefore just having actually a an answer off the top of your head during the interview put you ahead of many world who have trouble offering an answer.

Swbaker's recommend on the STAR an approach is spot-on. Also, my interviewer made it clear the failure had to be basically \"my fault\"- not because of circumstances past my control. So make sure your instance fits those guidelines.

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I talked around a time ns did not prepare adequately for an global volunteer trip and also how the trip finished up not being as effective as it might have been since I was not prepared for the cultural/political context of the nation I checked out (post civil-war) nor had actually I adequately investigated the organization I was functioning with. So rather of talking around how the political paper definition of wherein I was resulted in me come fail in achieving all my goals- I had to self-reflect on mine own duty in that failure. I then talked for an also longer time about how now I am a an extremely careful planner, exactly how I questioning a lot an ext questions now, and how i am the queen that contingency plans (which is all really true.) I offered some instances of how I used these characteristics in my everyday life and in a future expedition to an additional country where I did my thesis. It's all about talking around how you grew from a negative experience.

Also- my interviewer constantly asked me to discuss how I applied what ns learned from my answers transparent the interview to future circumstances/ my daily life. So the takes the \"results\" facet of STAR even further together you can be request follow-up concerns on an ext specific examples. She didn't want me to merely state \"This was the result of that certain example and I learned this\" however she wanted me to go further- basically \"I learned this and also here is a separate quick instance of a case where I used what i learned.\"