Always a great experience!! I have actually an older car, however they always make the feel new again! lovely place and I constantly come below to obtain my oil changed!

It was very busy and they were short staffed! They come out to examine on us and also gave us a time frame and we’re very helpful! great experience

Good place for one oil readjust and peak off. Fast and also courteous employees. Chris and Matt are great guys to job-related with.

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In davenport in a fleet car worker was not able or ready to call and also ask his manager just how to procedure the paperwork. Visited moline later in work in and out 25 min no difficulty so moline 5stars Bettendorf crew 000 stars

Very rapid and great service. The best part was they offer a 25% military discount! This is the greatest discount my wife and also I have ever before in countered. Lot appreciated!

Waited around an hour for an oil change, as they only have 3 employees. Serviced one more car that arrived ~ me, before me and also another automobile yhat come the same tine together me. Did not provide a brand-new sticker to location in vehicle window. Once they acquired to mine car, the oil adjust went quickly, and no complaints ~ above that. Closed apparently on Sundays, yet on Facebook, the firm website and also the comment machine, all claimed they were open Sundays.

If I can give this place an adverse stars i would!! Worst suffer ever!!! 3 weeks earlier I had my oil adjusted then critical week my automobile started control funny and also quit running! had actually it towed and looked at and they never put the oil filter securely on and also ALL my oil leaked out and virtually ruined mine car! To do matters worse i went with my receipt because that the oil change they did, the new oil adjust and tow receipts native the agency who had to fix my car and also the manager stated he will have to talk to corporate and also MAYBE I could get mine money back for the oil readjust they did but probably no the towe and also the added oil adjust that had to be done and its been 3 days and they still have not provided me any kind of money back or called me back!! never use this place!!

Wanted air filter readjusted said they had actually one but none were in stock. Want $22 for it also.they were rapid tho!

When i arrived i was greeted by the assistant manager and also he was courteous and also upfront about how lengthy I had actually to wait. When it was my turn he was quick, efficient and friendly. Will go back.

Only had 2 workers however they to be on your game.they to be getting world taken care of as rapid as can be expected. I will certainly be back.

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Its a good place to.get a oil change an u perform not not have actually to get out ur vehicle when they readjust ur oil tho

The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. They worked well as a team. Ns went because that an oil readjust and lock asked about all the equipment of my auto from wiper blades and also tires come air filters and also radiator. Ideal place because that an oil adjust in the Quad Cities.

Oil change prices have been on the rise lately, and also Take 5 is top top the greater side, yet there room definite benefits ns like around using them. They space always very friendly, supervisor quick and convenient, and also even provide you a bottle of water while you wait in her car. On top of that they offer totally free services prefer topping of her fluids any type of time in in between changes. It is great!

These evaluate speak for themselves...I won’t take my car anywhere rather now! Ed greeted me once I came in and even offered me water. Taylor and Brandon were friendly, helpful, and also knowledgable. The assistant manager, Trevor, is among the most professional world I’ve dealt with in this industry. All four techs went above and beyond to make sure I had a an excellent experience during this service. Amazing work-related all around. Normally, i HATE acquiring my oil adjusted because ns the stereotypical young woman who knows nothing around cars and I’ve been dismissed and also talked down to through mechanics in the past...none of the at take 5! castle were all respectful and also helpful also though it was clear ns knew nothing. They also taught me some things