This is in the middle of nowhere really. Went to restaurant prior to concert, prices reasonable. We... review even more

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I went to the Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Warrant and Quiet Riot concert. It was an excellent concert and also nice outdoor venue. Getting tickets for drinks and also food is a little of a pain, yet the lines were all brief and also relocated very quickly. With our tickets we acquired accessibility to two of the Tagsylvania occasions, yet once we tried to pursue the concert they were all closed. The timing of the attractions was not interacted to us and also I can"t figure out why anyone would want to go to a haunted residence in the daylight or throughout the concert. The attractions need to have been open up after the concert or the times have to have been on the tickets.


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First time ever before at Tags. Let me say the venue is significant for a concert. And the food at the restaurant was awesome. Definitely will certainly be earlier for even more reflects next year.

On Saturday July 15th I attfinished a concert at Tags and it was one of the BEST concert experiences I have ever had. Five of us arrived roughly 5 pm and quit right into the restaurant to have actually a bite to eat prior to the show…wbelow else can you have a sit down restaurant meal at the very same area as the concert that you are attending? The convenience of that alone provides this an excellent area to view a display. On optimal of that, the food, bevereras, company and price were all spot on! We did not stand also approximately waiting, we were so pleased through our food and also the wait staff was exceptional. I HIGHLY recommend simply preventing in to eat also if you’re not attending a concert in their back yard! On that note, the concert…the grounds were good. The basic admission crowd seems to gravitate to the right side of the stage as that is the side where food and also beverages are offered and the side the commodes (which were numerous and also pretty well retained for such a big crowd) are on. We made a decision to stand to the left of the stage…behind the handicapped area. It was a good see except for one tall sign advising people of the gold seating area entrance. The authorize was located appropriate in our line of sight of facility stage. Once the concert was undermeans and also the authorize was really no much longer able to be check out, I asked one of the defense guards if he would mind relocating it and he was more than happy to! What a great crew out there!! I really desire to send a vast say thanks to you to Dana Crosby and also Scott for such wonderful accommodations for the guests of Tags. We will certainly attend EVERY concert we have the right to this summer!!