The tag Heuer selection in 1990 was entirely unrecognisable native the selection offered throughout the golden era the the 1970s and also early 1980s. Gone were the an excellent Motorsport- motivated names- Monaco, Carrera, Autavia, Jarama, Montreal, Silverstone– and gone was the innovative mechanically Chronomatic movement.

In their place was a selection of watches v numerical names the were hold in a clear power structure of an excellent (1000 Series), much better (4000 Series) and best (6000 series). This range, v a couple of exceptions, was totally quartz powered, and also instead of the Chronograph being at the heart of the design, the new watches to be based roughly the “Six Features” dive clock template.

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Image courtesy of sign Heuer

A large part that the factor for the move towards this look to be the vast success the the original “Six Features” watch- the sign Heuer 1000 Series, i m sorry was presented in the so late 1970s. But by 1990 the 1000 was beginning to show its age, and also so sign Heuer collection out to change the top dive watch, v a new model- the watch that would come to be the tag Heuer 1500 series.



As the name implies, the style of the 1500 is a hybrid that the 1000 collection (above left) and also the 2000 collection (above right). The 1000 collection was very much a “Tool Watch”- a large, thick, 70s- style situation with wide shoulders and a deeply recessed dial. The 1500 picks up several architecture touches inspired by the 1000 Series:

“Mercedes” hands (admittedly a feature of every TAG watches at the time)A combination of circular and rectangular Baton hour-markers (note the the 1500 reverses the pattern supplied on the 1000- circles at 9 o’clock and also 6 o’clock wherein the 1000 has actually batons)Triangle-marker at 12 o’clock top top the dialTriangular marker on the bezel in ~ the “0” position (in fact, the steel bezel version over uses six triangles ~ above the bezel)“Jubilee” layout braceletCircular case

But in spite of these similarities, the end result looks much more like a modified 2000 Series, especially with a much lighter situation design and thinner lugs.

TAG Heuer plainly wanted the 1500 come be seen as a much more sophisticated watch than the 1000 Series, with plenty of models featuring gold highlights and also the alternative of a animal leather strap- never an alternative on the Diver-orientated 1000.


Image courtesy of tags Heuer

Like the 1000 Series, the 1500 was only available as a 3-hand watch- no Chronograph version was ever before offered. Buyers did have a selection of bezels, with either a steel bezel v minute-markers (above left) or a black diver-style architecture (above right).

When it came to case size, over there were 3 options- Men’s dimension (~40mm/ 21mm lugs- below left), Mid-size (~38mm/ 19mm- listed below centre) and also one Lady’s style (below right).

Image courtesy of sign Heuer

Unlike the 1000 Series, there was no “over-size” (~42mm) alternative for the 1500.


Image courtesy of tags Heuer

In enhancement to the usual Black and White dials, TAG likewise offered a rare “Night Diver” model with a luminous dial, a design only obtainable in the mid-sized instance with a black dive bezel. This is mine favourite the the 1500 models, probably since it’s the 1500 that is the closest in looks to the 1000 series.

Perhaps the many unusual dial available on the 1500 (and a competitor for the most unusual on any Heuer or sign Heuer) is the “granite” finish dial the you check out below. It’s the trademark dial that the 1500 series, and something the was never offered on any kind of other series.

Image courtesy of tags Heuer

Being an “entry model”, the 1500 to be only available with a quartz movement. Watches have actually either the Swiss-made ETA 955.112 or the Thai-made ETA 955.114 movement. Both motions are the very same 7 Jewel design, through the only difference being wherein they were made.

Series Evolution

Despite gift on revenue for practically 10 years, the 1500 collection of 1998 is basically identical to the 1990 launch version- as already mentioned, over there was never ever a Chronograph no one an automatically version included during the model’s life.

Changes come the range were minor, for example:

The full-size version was stop in 1994Later models have extr polished finishes- the centre web links on the bracelet, the triangles on the steel bezel and also the outer-edge that the black dive-bezelDetail alters to the bezel top top the Steel/ gold models, with later versions losing the yellow inner-ringA blue-dial/ blue-bezel model (above) was included in 1996

Barack Obama and also his Watch- tags Heuer 1500

While the 1500 was quiet phased out at the end of 1998, there to be a spark of interest in the clock 10 years later on when it to be noticed that a particular Senator from Illinois was wearing a 1500 during the build-up to his Presidential campaign.

Obama’s model of choice was the white-dial 1500- the stainless steel/ gold watch that you view below.

Obama is no the first US chairman to undertake a Heuer/ tag Heuer- as mark Moss told united state a few weeks ago, PresidentEisenhower wore a Heuer 2447.

Legacy the the 1500 Series

Image courtesy of tag Heuer

Until the exploration of the Obama-connection, the 1500 series had slipped gently right into relative obscurity, never ever being as popular or well-loved as either the 1000 or 2000 Series. This wasn’t yes, really a enjoy on the clock itself, but an ext that the 1500 endured from a absence of a clear identification in the tag Heuer family.

Many civilization today describe the watch as the “TAG Heuer Professional”- an easy mistake once that is all the you view on the dial. There is no “1500” argorial on either the dial or the case, something that admittedly was likewise the case with various other TH models that the very same era.

No, the real problem is that the 1500 is as well close in architecture to the 2000 Series. Sure, the case is not fairly the same and also the dial markers room a slightly different shape- but these are differences that only world reading a watch website will notice. To most human being the two collection are usually the same. You have the right to see the 2000 collection on the bottom left below, through the 1500 to the right. Now imagine the 1500 v the very same white dial as the 2000…

It’s a shame the in wanting to modernise the 1000 series, the an outcome was miscellaneous that, while perfectly attractive in its own right, shed the “tool watch” feel of that original collection that distinguished it from the softer 2000 series.

The upside the this because that collectors is the in 2020, $500 will certainly buy girlfriend a near-perfect 1500 today, while friend can get a nice, if somewhat worn, instance for around fifty percent that amount. That’s a bargain in anyone’s language.

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To check out a copy the the start catalogue for the sign Heuer 1500 series, click here.



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