The Bell and also Howell Tac irradiate Lantern offers proprietary bulbs to sell twice the light of standard LED bulbs. Such a style is bright sufficient to signal come others, properly light up a camp website so the it is safe at night, or carry out emergency light as necessary. Through a collapsible inner shell holding the LED bulbs, over there is protection to be found in the hard, external shell draft with military grade plastic and metal components.


Total expense Breakdown

The cost of Taclight Lantern is $19.99 and also the shipping is for free!

This price was acquired from the As checked out on TV commercial web page which was taken offline as result of Taclight Lantern gift discontinued. Taclight Lantern may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

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This price was acquired from the As viewed on TV commercial page which to be taken offline due to Taclight Lantern being discontinued. Taclight Lantern may still be uncovered for revenue on Amazon or Ebay.



The Bell and Howell Tac irradiate Lantern provides you light the is twice as shining as typical lanterns, making that a much better option for lantern uses. This irradiate is double as glowing as constant lanterns, which way you have the right to see clearer and also farther.


that collapses under to the height of a smart phone and also is just a few inches thick, making it perfect for storage.

little Weight

The weight concerns less than one pound which provides it perfect transported in a camping bag or hiking backpack without including too lot weight.


through a single lantern you can fill a whole room with light which is why that is so renowned for emergency settings. It adequately sufficient that it have the right to be seen 2 nautical miles away so lighting increase a campsite is a breeze.

Temperature Resistant

With military grade designs, the external shell have the right to withstand heat and water, in enhancement to extreme temperatures. This method you deserve to take that camping during the winter and collection it in the eye without the freezing. You have the right to accidentally location it in the fire and it won’t melt.

impact Resistant

Designed come be influence resistant too, you might accidentally step on the or hit it while preparing her camping site and also it would certainly be perfectly fine.

Magnetic Base

luxurious versions come v a magnetic basic which permit you to do much more than simply hang that from a tree. You can stick that magnetically to a steel surface, such together a vehicle roof, and work transparent the night.

Proprietary Bulbs

making use of special firm brand LED bulbs this design is smaller, brighter, and also even much more energy efficient than generic LED bulbs.


good for Camping

You can snuggly load this light anywhere in or approximately a pack without damaging it. So you can shove the in the bottom that a long walking backpack complete of gear, sit that fill down on the ground, and also it i will not ~ hurt it. No all units have actually this strength. The freedom to treat your fill as you usually would without fear of breaking the light renders it fine worth acquisition on an out adventure of any kind.


This unit is among the easiest to take through you anywhere. Also if girlfriend only require light around the residence to uncover something in a dark closet, this light opens and closes v ease proving very useful in all endeavors. The hooks on the sides pop up for this reason you deserve to hang it if you don’t want to use the magnetic bottom. Must you choose to save one in the car, then you have actually emergency light adequate to fix troubles in the dark, flag someone down, or wait comfortably for a tow truck. Built solid to resist the elements! .


Sierra Leds

The Sierra LED camping light is a bright LED camping lantern i m sorry is design for usage camping, fishing, or during emergencies and power outages. eco-friendly in color, this lantern is compact, lightweight, and has a comparable collapsible design. The style lets users progressively collapse the main part of the lantern in which the pear is inserted so regarding dim the lights, and then raise it to obtain a brighter light. Army grade plastic is supplied on the lanterns, do them useful long term. They are water resistant. Batteries have actually a lengthy life span, through thirty premium LED battery to offer maximum brightness. If users want, they deserve to put rechargeable battery in the bottom that the lantern to power it. Law so enables the LED’s to critical longer and also avoids the price of consistent disposable batteries. Together a architecture is helpful indoors and also outdoors.

Ultra glowing by Divine

divine LEDs has actually the Ultra glowing LED lantern i beg your pardon is an ideal for usage in camping situations, because that hiking, throughout power outages, storms, hurricanes, or various other emergencies. Purportedly the brightest lanterns available, it takes a couple of batteries to power the thirty LED bulbs that develop ample lighting. You can insert rechargeable batteries right into the mix come ensure proper lighting. This light is do with army grade and water resistant plastic so the it deserve to be used inside and also outside. Its collapsible design lets you reduce the entire unit right into a compact product for basic and straightforward transportation once you are on the go. With just one press the totality thing collapses.

Suaoki Camping Lantern Suaoki renders a glowing camping lantern the is the exact same compact design and powered by three batteries. Designed to it is in collapsible, it have the right to be handled hiking trips or camping to sell light at night. Obtainable in 2 forms, the light have the right to be compacted and used as a flashlight, or it deserve to be expanded and used together a lantern. When compressed, it folds down into its shell and is safeguarded from damage. Provided as both a flashlight and lantern means it have the right to be supplied recreationally outdoors, or indoors throughout things prefer power outages.

Browon Camping Lantern

Browon Solar LED Lantern is rechargeable and lightweight. It can be lugged easily top top camping trips, if hiking, or backpacking. Solar panels installed alleviate the have to worry about batteries, as they let friend sit the lantern in the sunlight to recharge. Together an choice makes it perfect for outdoor instances like camping or hiking since it deserve to charge throughout the day and also be operational at night. However, over there is a slot because that batteries have to you want to include a back up power source. External shell designs are impact resistant and also water resistant.

challenging Light

challenging Light has actually a rechargeable LED lantern that offers two hundred hours of irradiate from the solitary charge. It additionally charges speak to phones. The USB charging outlet deserve to be supplied to charge other gadgets while on the walk or throughout an emergency situation. through a lithium ion battery it holds a fee for as much as nine month so it need only be charged double per year. Then it will certainly be ready to go during any kind of emergency situation. Military grade plastic molds and rubber host the lantern in place and also make the water resistant. You can drop the from five feet high and no damage will be sustained.



There were a couple of negative evaluate that proclaimed that this product was defective straight out of the box. One customer asserted the their Tac irradiate lantern rotate on ~ receiving, however would not turn back off.

tough on Batteries

One customer complained that this product was very hard on batteries. They asserted that upon utilizing a fresh set of AA batteries, the lantern began to dim after ~ only around 90 minutes of use. Customer also stated the this product was great for brief uses but not fine suited for emergency strength outages or camping purposes.

False Advertising

there were number of complaints the this product to be falsely advertised together it was not almost as glowing or as resilient of a lantern as was presented on the website.


numerous customers complained that this product to be poorly made. Many asserted that they expected this product to be developed solid and also have a metal casing, however were disappointed to find a lantern make of plastic.

customer Service

There to be at the very least one instance that a customer declared to have had actually trouble with the company"s customer business department. Customer asserted that the agency never returned their emails questioning for a refund. They at some point gave up and also threw the product in the trash.



save Dry

This product runs turn off of batteries and also is an electric device. Although this lantern is advertised to be water proof, the is still a good idea to save Taclight Lantern dry. It might possibly cause an electrical shock or possibly break down if any kind of water gets into its circuitry.


always be sure to be ready in the occasion of emergencies. While it is a an excellent idea to have flashlights and also lanterns ready, friend may likewise want to include candles or torches in your emergency kit together a an additional back up.

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Although, advertised come be strong enough for too much elements. That is still a good idea not to test this claim at home. Carry out not attempt to test her Taclight Lantern in a fire, together this might be dangerous. Not only might you cause damage to her product, friend may likewise end increase hurting yourself.