I typed format and not format when initially setting up mine TABLO, It gave me an error but wont let me go earlier and style it.

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How can I format my harddrive now?

Do a difficult reset that the Tablo (hold the reset button until the blue light starts flashing) and also once the blue light is on hard again begin the setup procedure over again. That should take care of it because that you. If not I can help you layout the tough drive in disc Management and then friend should be able to start over with Tablo setup.

I did the the hard reset and am going through collection up again. Ns pressed switch to layout HD and it simply stays at that same screen (no progress indication). How long walk it commonly take for a 2TB HD?

It counts on the drive. As soon as I did my 2 TB it simply took a couple of seconds. I wasn’t certain that it also formatted the thing however Tablo created to it just fine…

leifval - it deserve to take a couple of hours to layout a journey if it is has never been formatted top top linux before. That doesn’t offer a progression indication IIRC.

leifval You have the right to also process the layout on the journey from the settings tab that the Tablo app.

Where is this format drive activity under the settings tab?

streambird This will certainly only appear if you have actually an unformatted journey attached. If the drive info shows up (drive name, available space) then it’s currently been formatted.

I’ve read your answer around re-formatting the difficult drive. Settings just says that is not formated…even tho’ ns typed words in all caps. Climate it soon went to mirrors on the Tablo. I really, really don’t want to carry out a tough reset. After trying to affix to mine Wi-Fi because that 1 1/2 days, I obtained AT&T out here with a new router and a booster…then it take it him a fifty percent hour to accomplish that. Help…Tillie

You should gain the prompt again if you eliminate the journey for a couple of seconds, climate reattach it. If this no work, send united state a ticket, we might be able to reformat the drive for you.

OK do the efforts a tough drive, initial setup. Warehouse Temporarily Unavailable,. Unplugged, put ago in. Nothing, Disconnect, reconnect (in panel) unchanged. Unplugged, affix a various hard drive. Still reflects the first hard drive as “Storage temporarily Unavailable”.

I’m act this v a desktop, Firefox. Online, exact same network. Does iphone or different internet browser work better?

Is over there a means to re-format or reset without beginning over. Besides as soon as I walk the early stage setup that said, downloading the channel overview for so long, that ns left it running and went to dinner. Three hrs later, still said the same. I simply closed the browser and came back, bingo, every the overview was there. Therefore at least that ultimately was detected.

Now What? walk it matter what hard drive, the size, age, deserve to I reformat or wipe and also then try connecting? It’s empty now together I copied all data and formatted.

Renamed and also formatted the tough drive, home windows 10, - WD 2500BMV exterior 1.75 (250 GB) still no seen.

djk44883 February 16, 2020, 2:53am #14

I’m law this through a desktop, Firefox. Online, exact same network. Does iphone phone or different internet browser work better?

Nope, various other than one app/device having accessibility to settings, it’s up to the tablo, this are simply an UI.

You’ve more than likely searched and also found numerous other in the same case as you. Not certain what the hassle it… yet some have worries trying come format, or adjust drives and then layout a new drive.

There is no reset or style switch or button… quick of manufacturing facility reset, which you have to avoid. Then again, uneven you’re relocating your recordings, you’ll just loosened your channels and also schedule.

I’ve had ideal luck powering the tablo, climate connecting the drive.


I simply closed the browser and also came back, bingo, all the guide was there. So at least that ultimately was detected.

When i did a recent channel scan, ns noticed it appeared to not do much. Walk on to do various other things, and also came ago to that screen later one it relocated along… could just it is in screwy.


“Storage temporarily Unavailable”

Can’t recall, temporarily? i though if there is no journey I had no storage. There might be various error/warning messages for various reasons.You may consider contacting tablo support

pporro February 16, 2020, 4:21am #15

Thank You, the Saturday night, morning is Sunday, I’ll need to hope or wait until Monday.

I simply saw the other thread, unplug the Tablo. Also one that said, probably start up, with no drive. Oh wait, i did that till the component that says format drive.


I do see the Tablo establish each brand-new drive, i tried a brand brand-new thumb drive, I can see the name. That is also unavailable. Perhaps in the morning?

There’s always Monday I have nothing instant to record. The Tablo is replacing a trusty, however losing it, Magnavox DVR. Ns think the tough drive had ultimately gone poor after ten years. Therefore I’m required into modern, high tech, WiFi, through all kinds of attributes I nothing need, instead of a quite easy, OTA recorder…

Tablo looks like the best option and also system. Ns impressed with the basic design and features. Just stuck at getting the hard drive to it is in formatted properly.

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3rdRockOKC February 16, 2020, 4:41am #16

There’s always Monday

Sorry, however Tablo workplaces will it is in closed top top Monday because that a holiday, you’ll need to wait until Tuesday.

Tablo HQ closed Monday, February 17th Announcements
Happy Friday Tablo fans! Monday is household Day right here in Ontario, so everyone at Tablo HQ will be out of the office security time through our spouses, kids, and extended fam-jam. Through Monday night we’ll probably be sick of castle again so we’ll be back in the office ~ above Tuesday. If girlfriend need help in the meantime, there are lots of valuable folks below on the forum, and lots of great resources ~ above our assistance page: https://www.rwandachamber.org.com/support/ If girlfriend send us…
djk44883 February 16, 2020, 1:05pm #17

Well, now that did you do it tried the “suppose’tas” options. You’ve uncovered a popular grumbling around tablo – support M - F organization during regular business hours - eastern time.

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There tho a readjust by part unknown factor it suddenly provides you the choice to style your drive.wish friend well

pporro February 17, 2020, 7:10pm #18

LOL leaving it come me come buy a unit right before Presidents Day?

I’m going to begin over, unplug, plug the unit. Nope. Unplug the ignorance drive, re-insert. Nope. The unit is recognizing different drives? Hmm, “Unformatted Storage” - temporary Unavailable. Included app to iPhone, nope, identical. Do I walk for the blue button?


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djk44883 February 16, 2020, 7:46pm #19
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TabloSupport February 18, 2020, 7:33pm #20

Sorry because that the delay! If she still having issues:

Try leaving the journey attached come the Tablo, and also then power cycling the Tablo. Wait for its blue resulted in stop flashing, then affix to the Tablo - what go the storage ar say in the setups screen?

Don’t hesitation to offer us a speak to at 1-844-rwandachamber.org (822-5688) or send us a https://bit.ly/rwandachamber.orgHelp and we have the right to work through you to obtain things resolved up.

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