I currently have 8 currently on TMobile One, haven't been able to gain the totally free OnePlus thing people mentioned.

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Two currently are free lines, one was added yesterday through the current promo.

My plan says "$217" in one place and also then $200 because that the One plan. I gain $16 ago in credit, assuming Netflix, against the $217. I have autopay on, and also get 1-2 lines acquiring Kickback.

My understanding is that if ns go to Magenta mine bill will certainly be $225 no $217. Yet I'd shed kickback ~ above those 2 lines, so my bill would certainly go up even more right?

What execute I get 5G wise with One? The site says "unlimited 4G LTE" make the efforts to imply no 5G, yet is that really the case?

Then as soon as I compare vs MagentaMAX, I gain $295. That's all lines, however I guess i missed the "free MAX" thing earlier this/last month.

Can anyone help me number out if I need to switch or not? I'm reasoning not, yet I'm not 100% sure.

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If you had actually the OnePlus attribute then it would've been the exact same price other than for the kickback. You will definitely lose the kickback if you update to Magenta/Magenta Max. Magenta 6 present = $200 and Magenta Max 6 lines = $260 through autopay and also without any kind of phone insurance or EIP charges. This is what I acquired from T-mobile website. All T-mobile plans include 5G connectivity therefore no constraints for 5G access. Also, any complimentary lines prior to June 9th, 2019 will not move to the new plan.

Forgot to include the calculator on the website doesn't display the exactly price sometimes.

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Op · 6m

The calculator thing appeared to indicate I didn't get unlimited 5G v One. I gain I'll obtain deprioritization after 50gig with One, yet I don't think I'm absent much climate apart from limitless "premium data". Plus losing kickback might mean ns wind up payment $20 more. The premium cheat block doesn't seem that good either.

Guess I'll continue to be on One, thanks!

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I wonder if gov discount will remain if we relocate to magenta plan

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· 2m

No employer discounts ~ above One or magenta plan, AFAIK?

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