The T-Cell-15 is the most famous Hayward TurboCell size. The designed for pools up to 40,000 gallons — but I’m obtaining ahead the myself. Very first I need to lay the groundwork therefore this all makes sense.

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The work of making use of liquid or tablet computer chlorine in your swimming swimming pool is a thing of the previous — well, at least it must be. Chlorine is a harsh chemistry that impacts humans and also pets negatively. Unless you reap stinging eyes, and also irritated skin, you have to not hesitate come invest your money in a salt chlorinator like the Hayward AquaRite (AQR15) i beg your pardon uses the T-Cell-15 at the love of it.

Did you know that long-term exposure to chlorinated pools can reason symptoms of asthma in swimmers? it’s true, also in those individuals who were formerly healthy. Go you recognize that swimming in a chlorinated pool is linked with tooth enamel erosion? in ~ Chainsaw journal we never ever tell girlfriend what you desire to hear — we merely tell girlfriend the truth. In the end, you can decide what renders sense because that you (and your budget).

If you want the facts about Hayward salt cells and also saltwater swimming pools then you’ve stumbled come the appropriate place. Let’s get started.

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A saturation table of contents of above 0.2 yet indicates the the water will cause scaling and staining to occur. When a high saturation table of contents does not cause as much damage as a short saturation index does, it reasons the swimming pool to look at ugly and also unsightly.

Salt Level Calculation

In order to ensure the the water chemistry and also the saturation index space maintained, you have to ensure the the salt concentrations are maintained. The quantity of salt compelled cannot be guessed. It needs to be calculated. The easiest method to execute this is to figure out the quantity of water the your pool contains based upon the form of the pool.

So just how do you execute that? Calculating the volume of the swimming pool is easy. An initial calculate the area the the swimming pool occupies. Once you have that number then every you have to do is main point it v the depth of the pool. Let’s look at the equation.

Volume of the swimming pool (water) = Area of the swimming pool x Depth the the pool

The formula because that the depth of the pool changes based on the shape of the pool you have.

Now the you have the volume the the water the is present in the swimming pool all the is left is to calculate the amount of salt that requirements to be added. Below is wherein the calculations acquire a tiny complicated. This is because of the usage of two various measuring systems.

If you have actually calculated the volume based upon feet and also gallons then the complying with instructions are meant for your pool.

Rectangular pool: Volume x 7.5Round: Volume x 5.9Oval: Volume x 6.7

The answer will certainly tell you how much salt you require to add into your swimming pool water. Please keep in mind that this answer will tell girlfriend the load of salt in pounds.

If you have actually calculated the volume based upon meters and liters then the following instructions space meant for her pool.

Rectangular pool: Volume x 1000Round: Volume x 785Oval: Volume x 893

The answer will certainly tell you just how much salt you need to add into your pool water. Please keep in mind that this answer will tell girlfriend the load of salt in kilograms.

The best levels that salt the Hayward proposal is 3200 ppm. A range from 2700 to 3400 ppm has likewise been considered acceptable.

There are two main after-effects of preserving the not correct salt levels. The first and foremost factor is the high salt level can cause the TurboCell come shut down. This will be obvious by the braided taste that the swimming pool will begin to acquire. Salt can usually be tested at a level of 3500 to 4000 ppm.

Low salt levels on the other hand will reason reduced performance of the TurboCell. This is since there is a diminish in the amount of sodium Chloride that is available. Now this in turn reasons less Chlorine to be produced.

Defining The appropriate Salt

Knowing your salt is important. Hayward recommends using just Sodium Chloride. This salt is actually the exact same salt the you add to your food once cooking. Vital point to keep in mind is the the purity of the salt have to be at least 99 percent!

Do not usage rock salt together it has a the majority of impurities. Salts the contain yellow prusside the soda can cause staining and are because of this not recommended. Various other kinds variants of salt Chloride that contain anti-caking additive and/or Iodine must be avoided.

Some human being use water conditioning pellets. If girlfriend are among those people, remember the these pellets take longer to dissolve than typical salt. Ensure the you take that into account when calculating your dissolution time.

Adding and also Removing Salt

Everything that you perform in relationship to your pool need to be standardized and should monitor a collection pattern. In order to ensure the the process of preserving the salinity that the water is carried out properly, Hayward has set a protocol that teaches you how to include and/or remove salt indigenous the swimming pool water.

Adding Salt

For new plaster pools, the protocol requires that girlfriend wait because that 10 come 14 work before including salt. This is to aid the plaster cure prior to use.If your swimming pool isn’t new or if the requisite 14 days has actually elapsed then revolve on the circulation device. With this done you have the right to now add the salt into the pool.Ensure the you brush the salt about the pool water. This helps to ensure that it disappear quickly. Salt must not accumulate on the swimming pool floor. Save an eye ~ above the floor to ensure the this does not happen.Once the salt is dispersed, ensure the the filter pump is turn on for the following 24 hours. The suction need to come indigenous the key drain. If your pool does not have actually a main drainpipe then use a pool vac. This will assist ensure that the salt is distributed evenly v the water.When check the salt display, remember the the display may take approximately 24 hours to reflect the salt concentrations. So as soon as you’ve included the salt, ensure the you examine the display after the 24 hour home window is over.

Removing salt

Removing the overfill salt is no easy task. There is only one means by which you can go around this task. That is by partially draining the pool. It is why Hayward advises administering the salt v caution.

By partially draining the pool and also then refilling it, friend dilute the salt the is already present in the water. Proceed doing this it rotates the water will the required salinity.

Installing The TurboCell

Hayward provides thorough instructions as to how the TurboCell needs to be installed. When we will certainly not enter all the details, let us look at some of the most crucial points that Hayward emphasizes on.

Ensure the the device does not have a cross connection with the neighborhood portable water supply. While this might be much easier said 보다 done, the easiest way to go around it is by check the local plumbing codes.The return line of the swimming pool filtration will hold the flow switch and the cell. Logically this provides sense. After the water is filtered, that goes through the cell where it is then electrolyzed to produce Chlorine. This return line climate takes the Chlorinated water right into the pool.While Hayward provides a variety of diagrams that describes how the TurboCell is attached, a brief glance in ~ them will certainly tell you that there room two ways exactly how you can install the TurboCell. One is the vertical installation and also the various other is the turning back installation. Above your pool dealer about which one is finest suited for your pool.

Operating The Device

Once you have actually finished installing the TurboCell and also have the water chemical levels in ~ the recommended range, you have the right to move on come the next phase. The phase involves understanding exactly how to operate the device.

Operating the machine is fairly simple. There are three factors that manage the quantity of Chlorine output. These three components are:

Amount of salt in the pool.Daily filter timeDesired calculation setting

Since we have currently discussed just how the amount of salt in the swimming pool affects the to work of the TurboCell, girlfriend will know why checking the salt level periodically is an important in ensuring the the Chlorine generator attributes well.

The everyday filter time determines exactly how much water passes with the filter every day. You will remember that the TurboCell is set up at the return heat of the filter. This method that by setting the lot of water that is filtered, we can also collection the amount of water the is electrolyzed. By doing this us can regulate the quantity of Chlorine produced every day.

The 3rd factor the needs consideration is the ‘Desired output’ setting. Recognize the optimum wanted output is simple if you follow the indict well. Start with a preferred output of around fifty percent. Inspect the Chlorine levels. Then change the knob one of two people up or down according to your requirements. Monitor the Chlorine level after each adjustment. The process takes 2 or 3 tries however once you know the desired output, you don’t have to go v the procedure again.

The TurboCell collection has to be designed come suit virtually every type of pool. Finding the right size to fit your swimming pool is basic task together Hayward has actually simplified the procedure v their guidelines. The TurboCell collection has transformed the means people convert their pools come saltwater pools. It has made the task so much simpler and also easier.

The trend has actually started and it isn’t going to avoid anytime soon. Saltwater pools room the cleanest and also healthiest option available. You may want to take into consideration getting your swimming pool converted soon!

Video | how to Clean her Hayward TurboCell (T-Cell-15, T-Cell-9, T-Cell-3)


Swimming in a saltwater pool is a different experience when contrasted to the endure we acquire when swimming in our traditional Chlorine pools. There to be a time when saltwater swimming pools to be the vogue in luxury hotels and also on cruise ships. And why shouldn’t they be? lock are straightforward to maintain and are lot cheaper than their traditional variant.

Today, a lot of of world have started converting your pools into saltwater pools. V the tools that room available, the procedure becomes basic to undertake. The Chlorine generator is the core aspect in this change. Uneven before, this machine enables continuous regeneration that Chlorine. This provides it one ongoing procedure and it likewise reduces the fill that the swimming pool owner faces when it comes to Chlorinating his swimming pool water.

This may sound prefer a complex process but in reality it isn’t. Let’s take a look at the Chlorine generator and its applications in today’s world.


One that the an initial things that you should recognize is that a Chlorine generator is additionally called a ‘cell’. ‘Salt Chlorine generator’ and ‘Salt Chlorinator’ are various other terms that are provided synonymously to explain this device. No issue what you speak to the device, that doesn’t adjust the basic duty that the machine is developed to do. That function is come ensure that the pool is chlorinated.

The surname is regularly prefixed with ‘salt’ because the Chlorine generator supplies salt together the base from which that produces Chlorine.


Before you start venturing into how the Chlorine generator works, that is way to stop for a few moments and understand the difference in between traditional pools and also saltwater pools.

When we very first started using male made pools, the require for sanitization of the water came to be apparent. Without suitable treatment, swimming pool water turns eco-friendly with algae. Absence of sanitation and cleaning that the pool water soon outcomes in the growth of microorganisms favor bacteria and also viruses. That is why the concept of chlorinating the water came right into existence.

Chlorine was employed to death the bacteria that were present in the swimming pool water. When Chlorine is added into water, a chemical reaction bring away place and also it creates chemicals choose hypochlorous acid (also well-known as HOCl) and also Hypochlorite ion. That is these two chemicals that assault the cabinet membranes that the microorganisms existing in the water and oxidizes them. This process renders the microorganisms harmless.

The an essential difference between traditional pools and also saltwater pools is the means Chlorine is dispensed right into the water.

In traditional pools, the Chlorine is added externally. This is a manual procedure and it needs a the majority of time and also effort. The compound provided to chlorinate the swimming pool is the chemistry Chlorine. Saltwater pools on the various other hand role by using a tool called the Chlorine generator. The Chlorine generator publication Chlorine indigenous the salt (Sodium Chloride) by means of electrolysis. This Chlorine is released in the gaseous type and it disappear in the water.

Another significant difference between the traditional pools and the saltwater pools is the the Chlorine in saltwater pools continues to it is in regenerated. Chlorine in the classic pools needs to be re-added at a collection frequency.


Understanding exactly how a gadget works is always important. It help you get a much better understanding that what friend need and also what girlfriend want. The to work of the Chlorine generator is relatively simple. Due to the fact that the Chlorine generator counts on a salt come function, the an initial step entails converting the pool right into a saltwater swimming pool by adding salt.

Once the salt has been uniformly spread throughout the water, the Chlorine generator starts about getting its job done. To recognize this you need to know that the Chlorine generator is attached to the filtration system. The is below that the Chlorine generator applies electrolysis to the water that is passing through the filtration system.

How walk electrolysis work? during electrolysis, the saltwater flows right into a distinct container. This container is charged through a specific amount of electrical current. Now, you will certainly remember that the water contains dissolved sodium Chloride. Together the water passes with this container, the electric charge reasons the sodium Chloride (salt) to break-up into Sodium and Chloride. This Chloride the is formed is in the gaseous state. The gas combines through the water and chlorinates it.

The beauty around this is that this process is a continuous process. The Chlorine and also the Sodium will certainly eventually incorporate to kind Sodium Chloride again. This sodium Chloride will certainly then it is in reused by the Chlorine generator to make Chlorine when more.

So currently you have the right to see why this process is also called a regenerative process or a constant process. In fact, some companies go as far regarding say the the salt the is added in the pool does not need to be replaced for whole year. Periodic checks may be essential to ensure that the salinity is maintained though. This is essentially because neither a as well high no one a as well low salt level is good for the system.


Saltwater pools definitely have an top hand as contrasted to the classic Chlorine pools. This is why so plenty of home owners space deciding to adjust their existing pools right into saltwater ones. The factors vary from person to person however the most common ones are that the is an ext economical and the health benefits are lot more. Let’s take it a watch at how a saltwater pool is far better than a timeless Chlorine pool.

Easy maintenance

Saltwater pools are a much more natural alternative than the traditional Chlorine pools. If the upfront prices may it is in high, the actual maintenance and running prices are substantially lower. This is due to the fact that saltwater pools space so much easier to maintain when compared to their timeless counterparts.

Since saltwater pools carry out not require numerous chemicals, you will find that friend don’t have to buy and also store the same amount of chemicals that a traditional pool requires. This also way that girlfriend don’t have actually to set aside a details amount of an are in your garage because that storage.

The decreased or absence of usage of chemicals also means that you don’t have to fret about adding them come the water continuously. This in itself takes a large chunk of tension out that the swimming pool owner’s life.

In enhancement to this, friend will notice that algae tends to grow an extremely slowly in saltwater. Slow expansion of algae way there is a reduced need for cleaning. Saltwater pools are therefore so much simpler to clean. Another point to keep in mind is that saltwater pools don’t need to be cleaned at the very same frequency as Chlorine pools.

Another point to think around is the formation of chloramines. Chloramines are the factor for the Chlorine smell the you obtain in a Chlorine pool. Castle are created when Chorine combine with person output (sweat or saliva). The means that chloramines are gotten rid of from a timeless pool is by adding more Chlorine. The saltwater pool yet solves this difficulty for us. The constant regeneration the Chlorine ensures that the chloramines room controlled. It likewise ensures that added Chlorine does not need to be included manually. The finish result? Saltwater pools lack the chloramine smell. Even the maintenance concerned chloramine remove is done away with.

So at some point when you to compare the 2 kinds the pools, girlfriend will discover that the maintain of a salt water pool is significantly less demanding 보다 the maintain of a traditional Chlorine pool.

The healthy Option

In today’s day and age, we are always on the lookout for the healthier alternatives available. Saltwater pools have actually increased in popularity since it is much healthier to usage a saltwater pool than a Chlorine pool.

Saltwater pools develop their Chlorine by a process of regeneration. Also though over there is a certain amount the Chlorine the is present in the water, saltwater pools have considerably lower levels of Chlorine 보다 their traditional counterparts.

Low amounts of Chlorine subsequently mean that there are lesser chances of breaking out into red itchy skin. Lengthy term exposure come Chlorine in the Chlorine pools outcomes in dried brittle hair. This deserve to be a actual annoyance. If you usage the timeless pool, it cannot be avoided. Saltwater pools but have lower concentrations that Chlorine which perform not have any effect top top the hair.

Some swimmers complain of lung irritation and also even asthma prefer symptoms. The reason for this can be traced earlier to the contaminant level in under chlorinated pools. This usually happens as soon as the under chlorinated pools space over burdened. Saltwater pools provide a consistent source that chlorine, so over there is no inquiry of this happening. In instance the number of people in the swimming pool increases, you can additionally manually change the price at which Chlorine is gift produced. This is an especially useful because that those people who have actually lung problems.

It’s no Really that Salty!

The thought of swim in a saltwater pool immediately makes one think about the ocean. Us imagine the lull at which the saltwater permits us to swim without expending together much power as regular unsalted water would certainly require. Happily or regrettably this is no really the case.

Saltwater pools aren’t really as concentrated as friend think castle are. In fact, the concentration of salt that saltwater pools contain different anywhere in between one-tenth to one-twelfth that of the ocean. Several of you may wonder why this is good news. Excess levels of salt have the right to deposit on the skin and also cause itchiness. No everyone characteristics the sticky itchy feeling to the salt that is current in the seawater. Saltwater pools yet balance the good effects that the salinity if ensuring that it no so focused that your skin revolts!

The difference Isn’t really In The Taste

As explained before, saltwater pools do not cause itching, red eyes and also allergic reactions. This is in truth a really good change when contrasted to the traditional Chlorine pools. Over there are but some misconceptions the exist.

Some people say that the pool will look much better and taste better. This yet is not the case. The factor why many civilization feel this method is because they to compare saltwater pools come Chlorine pools which have not to be maintained. Because the saltwater pools execute not require continual cleaning and maintenance, the difference shows up stark.

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If a saltwater swimming pool is compared to a kept Chlorine pool, girlfriend will uncover no difference in the means the water looks and tastes. Saltwater pool water might be salty if the concentration the the salt crosses 3500 ppm. The is usually the only distinction that exist as far as looks and tastes room concerned.