So there"s the original: the sequel: then there"s this one, i m sorry is an alleged to be both books in one:, the an initial book is 630 pages, when the 2nd one is 180 pages. Placed the 2 together, and you should obtain 810 pages, right? but the compilation is just 692. Anyone recognize what"s up v that?

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I have "Swordsmen that the brothers Empire" and also am completely enjoying it. I check out a couple of pages in ~ night in bed prior to going come sleep.


However, the first book is 630 pages, while the second one is 180 pages. Put the two together, and you should acquire 810 pages, right? but the compilation is just 692. Anyone know what"s up v that?
Easy enough: just use a smaller sized typeface (which one can do to protect against the publication from becoming too big).My main grip (with the 2009 edition) is typographic. Books (consisting mainly of text) must not be collection in Helvetic/Arial or similar fonts! At least it provides up for it by utilizing a reasonably large form size. However why usage a font of relatively low readability?
"In addition to being efficient, every pole arms were fairly nice to look at." - Cherney Berg, A hideous history of weapons, Collier 1963.
Just an upgrade for those browsing the net on this question.I have purchased the latest edition of Kinsley"s works:2018 British sword Fighting 1600-19452019 Bloody knives of the brother Empire.Having payment $35 for each, i am a disappointed to discover that castle are practically identical.2018 BSF 1600-1945 has actually one extra thing (lances/bayonets).2019 BBotBE (the more recent book!) is absent that chapter, yet has a foreword by Matt Easton (taken indigenous Swordsmen the the brothers Empire, to which book it still refers). Both space 740 pages.His work has gone v so plenty of name changes with so small description the what each contains, I nearly suspect the is intentional come encourage repeat to buy (I now have essentially 3 copies of the same book as I already owned sword Fighters of the brothers Empire).
I’ve check out “Swordsmen of the brothers Empire” and am simply finishing “British knife Fighting 1600-1945”. I have “Bloody knives of the brothers Empire” which will certainly be next. Ns found many similarities between the very first two yet enough differences to feel that ns did not waste my time. The 2nd went into more detail around the navy and pirates that I thoroughly enjoyed. There were also two duels fought in the 20th century the weren’t in the first. I’ve yet to obtain to the 1945 event but have a couple of more pages come go. Around to complete the Crimean War, i beg your pardon the second book walk into more detail. Any one the the books alone would offer a great insight of past events. Ns have took pleasure in the reading so far. I was about to reread the an initial book when my son offered me the later two for Christmas.
I’ve review “Swordsmen of the brothers Empire” and also am just finishing “British knife Fighting 1600-1945”. I have “Bloody blades of the british Empire” which will be next. I found countless similarities between the very first two but enough differences to feeling that ns did no waste mine time. The 2nd went into an ext detail around the navy and also pirates the I thoroughly enjoyed. Over there were additionally two duels dealt with in the 20th century that weren’t in the first. I’ve yet to get to the 1945 event yet have a couple of more pages to go. Around to end up the Crimean War, i beg your pardon the second book walk into an ext detail. Any type of one that the publications alone would offer a great insight of past events. Ns have appreciated the analysis so far. I was about to reread the very first book as soon as my son offered me the later two because that Christmas.
Have you looked in ~ the table of components for "Bloody blades of the british Empire" yet to to compare it to your copy the "British sword Fighting 1600-1945"? offered that there are already 2016 and 2018 version of "British knife Fighting 1600-1945", i can"t watch why a new title was necessary. Why no just call it "British knife Fighting 1600-1945, 2019 edition"? (EDIT: I simply noticed over there was also a 2018 execution of “Bloody knives of the brother Empire”)
You will certainly also notice that the foreword by Matt Easton in "Bloody knives of the brother Empire" is strange familiar... That is due to the fact that it is taken straight from “Swordsmen the the british Empire”, and in fact still references that title!
As I claimed “Any among the books alone would give a good insight of previous events.” there is duplication. However each went into details that was doing not have in the various other book and there are occasions covered in one the aren"t in the other. Ns did not find it a waste of time by reading both, at the very least my time. I’ve thoroughly delighted in reading a couple of pages many nights while lied in bed. And as I likewise said “I was about to reread the very first book as soon as my son provided me the later two because that Christmas.” I found reading the second book preferable come rereading the first. I really feeling these articles are walk nowhere; I read the very first two and enjoyed both, if you were disappointed in the second that’s her affair.
Brother Nathaniel: Ring of holding!? I believed I was supposed to put on the Ring that scolding! Boy, room they going come be angry after gift yelled at by the invisible walls for a year!Oct 7, 2021 2:46:51 GMT
RufusScorpius: The an initial part the the pursuit is come recon the area and also get a reasonable expertise of what, exactly, is in there. Together of now we only understand there is a threat, yet not the what type or how strong.Oct 6, 2021 18:05:34 GMT*
RufusScorpius: and also LoE suspect wrongly. Over there is a beast the inhabits the GWN the last year Bro Nat placed a ring of holding about his realm. However I are afraid the spell won"t hold as Bro Nat isn"t a trained user the the magic arts and also the assignment is no doubt decaying.Oct 6, 2021 18:04:37 GMT
RufusScorpius: i concur the LoE will be a an excellent addition to the quest. He can gain valuable experience and treasure if the is successful, and also if not, we deserve to throw him to the monster while the rest of united state make our escape. (what? just how do friend think we survived so long?)Oct 6, 2021 18:03:23 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: Anything above 21 is as well old for good Sir Galahad The Chaste.Oct 6, 2021 17:30:15 GMT
LoE: great Sir Galahad The Chaste - i mean an excellent Sir LoE - will readily sign up with you in your noble quest! LoE presume the search is to relieve a Convent (of virgins, aged 18 to 21) indigenous dire and also villainous threat! lead on, pious and worthy Knights! Oct 6, 2021 16:33:50 GMT
LoE: great Sir Galahad The Chaste - I average LoE - will certainly happily join your quest, an excellent Sir Bro"Oct 6, 2021 16:26:43 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: brothers Rufus, i would favor you to take into consideration Sir LoE as a take trip companion come accompany us on the mission come the great White North. As he is an ext of a pure heart than us, he may not be easily swayed by succubus and also such.Oct 6, 2021 3:13:44 GMT
RufusScorpius: offer them solace v the understanding that they will share her tomb and also serve you in the afterlife. Then send them away and also join me on one adventure. We never worked out with a specific beast in the an excellent White North.... Oct 5, 2021 23:23:01 GMT*
Brother Nathaniel: "Girls, you will need to go now and live your very own lives as genuine women" *In unison, their eyes start to water* " but Master Nate, you created us, we understand of nothing else" *Melancholy piano music plays in the background*Oct 5, 2021 21:55:39 GMT*
Brother Nathaniel: brothers Rufus, i think you are right, *gets increase from lavish throne and also gazes solemnly the end the window* I have let the success of our adventures acquire to mine head. In my indulgence I shed grasp that what truly mattered.Oct 5, 2021 21:45:00 GMT
RufusScorpius: If you just want some pretty girls to attend her needs, all you had actually to carry out was ask.Oct 5, 2021 21:01:19 GMT
RufusScorpius: brother Nathaniel, we have been on many adventures and also survived plenty of mortal threats, but even friend should recognize the dangers of having homunculii in your an extremely own abode. Just due to the fact that you can, doesn"t median you should.Oct 5, 2021 21:00:57 GMT*
Brother Nathaniel: once you room the kind of fat cat that ns am, also I forget the extravagance, you watch these were in reality cloned because that me specifically in one Alchemists laboratory inside 100% Diamond tubes in a Champagne + Saffron + gold Dust solution, How have the right to I forget?Oct 5, 2021 3:36:57 GMT
RufusScorpius: currently I understand you"re BSing in an epos way! Everybody knows there room no virgins in France ~ my last adventure there.Oct 5, 2021 3:21:33 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: ns don"t even need the done since I have my grapes privately grown and tended come by virgin French maids through Heterochromia and vitiligo to my wanted patterns. For this reason uh, Checkmate.Oct 5, 2021 2:47:21 GMT
RufusScorpius: *scoff*. A genuine rich and powerful guy favor me has actually his grapes peeled and weighed for consistency before having lock fed come me.Oct 4, 2021 23:51:58 GMT*
Brother Nathaniel: "Speak for yourself, brother Rufus" *Mouth complete of grapes being fed come him* "You have the right to keep your rations and also tents."Oct 4, 2021 23:28:33 GMT

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RufusScorpius: ascendancy number one of being a well-off adventurer: never gain emotionally attached come anybody or anything. Harems are great to have, yet still just a commodity....Oct 4, 2021 22:46:27 GMT