In enhancement to its giant and active area, one of the a lot of striking elements of Reddit is its characteristic style. Some world can think about it minimalist and also others somewhat outdated. Now, after a decade in operation, Reddit showed the platform’s brand-new design.

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Thstormy this publication in the announcements subreddit, Reddit’s architecture team presented the 3 methods in which we can check out the webwebsite. Doing this, they market 3 various designs to enjoy the content, something that we have the right to currently execute in the primary third-party clients.

Card view

“Card view”, as its name says, locations each Reddit publication on an individual card. We deserve to view part of the information in the post without having to click on anypoint. This style is reminiscent of Twitter and Facebook.

Classic view

The “compact” view (the one that shows up in the highlighted image of this article) is designed to relocate between publications conveniently and also the “classic” alternative is the closest to the Reddit we currently recognize. The first 2 are much even more vibrant than the last.

Many type of of the Reddit customers don’t like the brand-new site theme. As I’m additionally one of the human being that didn’t like Reddit’s new webwebsite design template, I’ll present you exactly how I switched to the old Reddit design template. Without offering you better ado Lets view how to obtain old reddit layout.

Here’s How to Switch Back to Old Reddit theme

Do You Hate the New Reddit Theme? Here is How to Switch to old Reddit! Tright here are numerous techniques accessible for acquire BACK TO OLD REDDIT layout and also switch to brand-new one in the future if you wish.

Method #1

Steps to follow for go earlier to the old Reddit layout:

1.) At first Open, At very height of the web page you will certainly uncovered the small notice says “You’re viewing the New Reddit. You deserve to always visit Old Reddit

2.) Tbelow click on “visit Old Reddit“, this will certainly acquire ago you to old reddit site.

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