Use the built-in stereo speakers and also mic or her favorite audio equipment to hear to music, make phone calls, document audio, and also more.

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If you"re not sure where the speaker and mic openings and also volume switch are located, see surface ar features.

Use her favorite audio accessories

To switch in between your speakers and also connected audio accessories, select the Speaker icon on the ideal side of the taskbar, and then broaden the list to select an additional audio device.



Adjust the volume

You can manage the volume top top your surface in several places:

Volume button: press the volume button on your surface ar to adjust the volume increase or down.

Keyboard: If your surface ar Typing covering or other keyboard has actually volume keys, press the volume-down, volume-up, or mute keys.

Desktop taskbar: In the desktop taskbar, choose Speakers

and adjust the volume increase or down.

Audio accessories: change the volume on the headset, speakers, phone, or other audio accessory, or in the software contained with the accessory. To learn more, check the information that came with your accessory or visit the manufacturer"s website.

Apps: some apps have a volume manage within the app.

How volume controls job-related together

If girlfriend raise, lower, or mute the volume using among the following volume controls, the volume level in the rather will also change:

The volume button on her Surface

Desktop volume setting in the taskbar

Volume controls in apps and also on equipment such as headphones and also external speakers may work independently of the controls developed into your Surface. You might need to change volume level in an ext than one place.

Adjust microphone settings

Here’s just how to readjust your mic settings:

Go come Start , and then pick Settings >System > Sound > Sound control panel.

Select the Recording tab, pick the mic girlfriend want, and select Properties.Be sure to choose a mic that"s permitted and linked to your Surface.

Select the Levels tab. You will do it see 2 sliders:

Microphone or Microphone Array: Controls the mic’s volume.

Microphone Boost: Controls the toughness of the mic"s signal.

Adjust the sliders until your mic is recording at the levels you want.The levels you"ll use will vary depending on the quantity of elevator noise and on even if it is you"re making use of the mic that’s built into your surface ar or an outside mic. A great starting suggest is to collection Microphone to 50 and also Microphone Boost come +24.0 dB.

Use USB or Bluetooth audio accessories

You can affix external USB speakers, headphones, or a headset come a full-size USB port.

You can go wireless by making use of Bluetooth headphones or speakers v your Surface.

To get the best sound native USB or Bluetooth speakers, turn up the volume on her Surface and in the application (if it has actually its own sound control), and also then readjust the volume ~ above the external USB or Bluetooth speakers.

If she having troubles with Bluetooth, walk to Troubleshoot Bluetooth devices.

Set the default audio device

Go come Start , and then choose Settings > System > Sound.

Do either or both that the following:

In the Sound section, select the machine you want to usage for playback (for example, the integrated speakers on her Surface, outside speakers, or a headset), as your calculation device. When you choose this device, she also setup it together the default.

In the Input section, pick the device you want to use for recording (for example, the integrated mic or an exterior mic), as your intake device. As soon as you pick this device, you’re also setting it as the default.

If you room using a communications app, choose Skype, you may want to set your communications device separately when using speakers or a headset. Here’s exactly how to set a interactions device:

Go come Start  , and then choose Settings > device >Sound > Sound manage panel.

Do one of two people or both the the following:

Select the Playback tab, select the machine you want to usage for communications playback (for example, the integrated speakers on your Surface, exterior speakers, or a headset), and also then select Set Default communication Device.

Select the Recording tab, select the maker you want to usage for communications recording (for example, the integrated mic or an exterior mic), and then pick Set Default communication Device.

Record audio

You have the right to use the Voice Recorder application to record audio. To open up the Voice Recorder app:

Go come Start , and then pick Voice Recorder.

Change which sound play

You can choose which sounds play for notifications and system occasions (for example, the sound the plays once you get a brand-new message). Here"s how:

Go come Start , and also then select Settings > device > Sound > Sound regulate panel.

Select the Sounds tab, and under routine Events, select an occasion (for example, Calendar Reminder).

Under Sounds, choose the sound you desire to play for the event.

To listen the sound you"ve picked, pick Test.

Select Apply to adjust the sound because that the event, and select OK.

Turn inputting sounds top top or off

The Touch Cover deserve to play key sounds as you push the keys. (If girlfriend aren’t certain which Surface key-board you space using, see discover out which Surface keyboard you have.) Here’s exactly how to rotate the crucial sounds top top or off:

Go to Start and choose Settings  > Devices > Typing.

Under Touch keyboard, set Play vital sounds as I type come On or Off.

Audio problems

If the sound top quality coming from your speakers or one audio accessory isn"t good, it"s feasible the audio recording chin isn"t of an excellent quality. Shot listening to the very same recording ~ above a different device.

For help with audio problems, watch Troubleshoot surface sound and also audio accessories.

If you have trouble with audio when your surface ar is associated to another screen, see connect Surface to a TV, monitor, or projector.

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Note: VGA adapters and also cables don"t transmit audio. Audio will certainly play native your surface speakers uneven you’ve linked external USB or Bluetooth speakers.