I do try and aid my girls make healthy and balanced snack choices but I gain it, candy and also chips room tasty too. To assist them learn about healthy eating ns let castle both watch the latest DVD from Super Why i m sorry is a fun display we all gain watching anyway! Lil Sis at just 21 month old and also follows her sister’s footsteps, but huge Sis in ~ 4.5 likes to pick out her very own snacks (with part guidance indigenous me that course). I like that this particular DVD has episodes to assist her learn about healthy eat without me stand over she shoulder stating the great stuff. She does like to eat healthy and will frequently ask me of an object is healthy and balanced or not yet having some of her favorite cartoon characters showing her the means can only reinforce great decisions. This to be the perfect DVD come let she watch due to the fact that we had actually just been pointing out such subject the last couple of weeks.

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Episodes include…Hansel and Gretel: A healthy Adventure – Red and her friend are having a picnic in the park, but she has no energy to sign up with in the fun. Can it have actually something to carry out with her unhealthy snack choices? at sight Why and his girlfriend head right into the story the Hansel and Gretel to fulfill the equally tired and grouchy witch. They to convince the witch to trade in she gingerbread house for other both delicious and also nutritious – and Red to learn what type of foods will aid her go the distance so she can play v her friends for a SUPER long time!

Educational Objectives: To find out which foods taste good while offering long-lasting energy! Young viewers will certainly play interactive alphabet games, practice the magic that spelling, and use healthy eating options to readjust the story.

King Eddie that Loved Spaghetti – It’s dinner time at Whyatt’s house yet things space not walking well! He’s perplexed once Mom and also Dad say that what’s on his key isn’t healthy. To discover out why, the analysis superheroes fly right into the story King Eddie that Loved Spaghetti and also encounter a weird king who only wants to eat one thing – spaghetti! together the super reader convince King Eddie taste brand-new foods, Whyatt learn there’s an ext to dinner 보다 he had originally thought!

Educational Objectives: come learn about healthy eating. Children will i found it the alphabet, exercise the magic of spelling, discover what words “ripe” means, and use the strength to read to readjust the story.

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Special Bonus features include…Music VideosInteractive GamesColoring PagesResources because that Parents

It is a cute DVD and PBS did a good job the making funny episodes around healthy eating. I have always enjoyed the story that Hansel & Gretel and they do a an excellent story v it. Large Sis is an especially found of the characters’ cute costumes!

Connect: You can connect with at sight Why on their website and throughFacebook.

Purchase: You can purchase supervisor Why! Hansel & Gretel: A healthy and balanced Adventure for $9.99. By purchasing v PBS Shop instead of various other retailers, you are helping to assistance innovative and educational programming for all of us.

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