The Best Mega Drive/Super Nintenperform Racing GamesConsoles strived for arcade top quality while COMPUTER gamers were acquiring deep simulation taking care of, however the games are still fan favourites 25 years on.

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Arcade fever before was still rife in the early 90s and also the search to produce ‘arcade-perfect’ titles that can be played at home was on. While it would take one more five years to really obtain tbelow, this fourth generation of consoles lugged us some excellent games and also was arguably a developmental suffer for many of us. So below are some of the ideal racing games from the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis to you Americans) and also the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES. That’s SCNEZZ not S-EN EE ESS. There’s no hyphen there).

First though, a couple of honourable mentions. You won’t find OutRun on this list, despite the Mega Drive version being fairly good, and that’s bereason there are much better versions to come and also if I might I’d put the game on eexceptionally list. You additionally won't uncover Super Hang On as out of all the SEGA racing games, it arguably hasn't aged and also the others and also there are better bike games out tbelow. But I'm certain you have actually your very own favourites, so feel cost-free to write-up them in the comments.




Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Mega Drive)

It feels a little bit stselection to put this right here as soon as the Amiga variation was undoubtedly the best. However, Gremlin Interenergetic (that are currently Sumo Digital, the studio responsible for bringing OutRun 2 to console) produced an very excellent road racing game and it organized up wherever it went, consisting of the Mega Drive.

Tracks increase in challenge and present on course obstacles such as logs and also water, and also the game felt quick. Even on the Mega Drive, it had a rate that Turbo Outrun and others favor it simply couldn’t complement. Tright here were 3 Lotus games in all and the first two were enjoyable. Sadly, they never before made their means to the SNES. However…




Top Gear (SNES/Mega Drive)

A completely unconnected game to what the name argues (trademarks and licensing weren’t too sewn up earlier in the early 90s it seems) which Gremlin Interactive additionally arisen. There are no licences but tbelow is every one of the rate and the fun that Lotus games.

There were three games in this franchise too, including Top Gear 3000, adhering to the exceptionally 90s trope of establishing things over 1100 years in to the future. But every one of them followed a similar style of chase video camera lap racing past nice backdrops with the ability to upgrade your automobile. through all of the fun and joy of the Lotus games, also if it was all track based.

The Duel: Test Drive 2 (SNES/Mega Drive)

Tbelow are 3 cars in The Duel. The iconic Ferrari F40, the Porsche 959 and also the Lamborghini Diablo. Back in 1989, a lot of games relied on a chase camera via many type of various panels across the display. These informative panels would certainly normally display you the course or your time for example, however it likewise provides developer even more power as the gameplay screen is smaller.

Test Drive 2 went behind the steering wheel rather of these informative panels, which put you in the cockpits of the 80s behemoths. The four tracks have actually both sides of the road, police pursuits and also the need to refuel at gas stations. You get a restricted amount of cars quite than constantly restarting in a brand-new car.

The driving was tricky also. You can blow your engine by over-revving it. You might tell as soon as the vehicle was sliding roughly when you approached turning through also a lot rate. It could not have looked the ideal, however the gameplay was definitely arcade high quality. Plus you had the occasional windscreen bug.

Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive)

Speaking of arcade high quality, this early on enattempt for the Mega Drive still stands now as among the ideal. An enjoyable career mode that sees you scramble up the performance tables like a mercenary, demolishing rivals as you go.

The Formula One game was a heady mix of real-life tracks, mock names and also insanely quick cornering. Tbelow were a number of Formula One inspired or licensed games on these consoles, through the official F1 game from Donote, Nigel Mansell's World Championship based on the 1992 seachild, and also the Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge.

But in my opinion, not one game regulated to redevelop the playability and also the fun of Super Monaco GP. Plus you have the right to hit the guy through the chequered flag as you cross the line and also he flies off in to air, never before to be checked out aacquire.

Street Racer (SNES)

Tright here were many type of games that adopted the angled viewsuggest on the SNES. Two of which are yet to come. Anvarious other is the Suzuka 8 Hours bike game. But Street Racer took the Mario Kart formula, included a little cartoon violence to it and made an extremely fun game.

Two additional game settings, Rumble and also Soccer, added even more fun and also the AI adjusted to your performances, obtaining more tough as you boosted. In addition to the power ups that are nearly entirely the exact same as Super Mario Kart, through an added side-punch very reminiscent of Roadway Rash. Speaking of which...

Road Rash (Mega Drive)

So frequently, Roadway Rash has been the topic of bad imitation. Whatever before game or sequel tried to replicate it's magic formula of rapid motorbike racing, scrolling scenery, pumping music and tetchy violence, they never before rather regulated it.

When I cite that I love racing games, especially retro ones, someone constantly says Road Rash. There was something around it that simply seemed to click through gamers. Was it the easy controls? The occasional punches? I'm not sure I can put my finger on it and offered the absence of various other games that have actually controlled to capture its style, I'm not certain anyone else have the right to either.

Futuristic racing perfectly captured. We think. It is in the future, after all, we don't understand yet.
Futuristic racing perfectly recorded. We think. It is in the future, after all, we don't recognize yet.


Lets just speak for a moment and think of the affect of F-Zero. It inspired Wipeout and also Daytona USA. It has one of the best game soundtracks of the time. It was freshly re-released as a component of the SNES Standard Mini console package and it has actually not aged a day.

Created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, many other games tried to complement its futuristic racing style. Arguably, just Wipeout has actually also come cshed. But it is undoubtedly among the the majority of enjoyable racing games of this generation. It's viewsuggest and also style has actually been duplicated by many type of and also only really bettered by an additional system exclusive.

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Super Mario Kart (SNES)

It's difficult to do a list choose this without mentioning Super Mario Kart. It reidentified racing games insoa lot as it took ameans the among the greatest difficulties for many type of casual gamers - the cars. When you talk about Mario Kart, any kind of of them, you hardly ever before point out the car or form of kart you are driving. It's all around the characters

Sure the game has actually numerous different vehicle options, through greater CC engines representing obstacle, yet the karts themselves are simply vehicles (both literal and metaphorical) for the major point of the game which was the carnage you might reason through the various power ups.

Of course it is the multiplayer element that really made this game one-of-a-kind. Quick, dynamic and amazing races in break-up screen are still some of the finest local multiplayer moments every proficient by gamers in racing games. You'll be tough pressed to uncover anyone, even if they hate cars or racing, that will not have actually a fond memory of Super Mario Kart.