the party will certainly be in mountain Francisco the main before. Yet what will the celebration entail? We visited the Super key 50 host Committee to discover out. This particular day we lug you behind-the-scenes details and also insider intel the will help you navigate the sports-themed city in ~ a city that"s swiftly going up follow me the Embarcadero. It officially opens to the public on Saturday, January 30 and also closes ~ above Sunday, February 7; you"ll want to check out this prior to you visit.

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A city rises: Super key City goes up on market Street; photos of construction by Patricia Chang1. What exactly is Super bowl City?Super bowl City is gift staged through rwandachamber.org"s super Bowl hold Committee, and officials explain it as a "free to the general public fan village." It"s supposed to showcase all that"s an excellent about the only Area, consisting of art, culture, food, and drink. It"s among two key hubs that Super key 50 activity in rwandachamber.org (the various other being the NFL suffer in the Moscone Center, much more on the in a bit) and also it"s the one that has actually the broadest range of activities.
Map courtesy Super bowl 50 hold Committee, click to enlarge 2. Whereby is it?The brief answer is the it will certainly be by the Ferry building at the foot of market Street. The map above shows the precise perimeters (and wherein to discover everything). The activity starts on market Street in ~ Davis, and stretches down to the Ferry Building. Native there, activities spread out follow me the Embarcadero in between Washington Street and Don Chee Way. If you"ve been having actually a challenging commute this week, here"s why.

Two locations to note: Sue Bierman Park (the green room bordered by Justin Herman Plaza, Drumm Street, Washington Street, and the Embarcadero) is wherein the free concerts happen. You have the right to see the full schedule here; but bands of note that will certainly be staging free concerts in this location incorporate Chris Isaak, The tape Perry, and Alisha Keys. The other hub is Justin Herman Plaza; you"ll discover the Fan power Zone there. Map courtesy rwandachamber.orgMTA, click come enlarge 3. What go this average for traffic?It hasn"t to be great, to say the least. The worst day shows up to have been Monday, once commuters to be adjusting to street closures about the perimeters that Super bowl City. How things will form up together fans begin pouring into town continues to be to it is in seen. Mountain Francisco Municipal Transportation company has published this overview to getting approximately while streets are closed, and also the map above. Our advice? unless you space visiting the event, avoid the area. If you are going, take public transportation.

The Fan energy Zone will be an immersive and also interactive experience; photos of building and construction by Patricia Chang4. What is the Fan power Zone?The Fan energy Zone takes place in a massive, 40-foot dome and also provides visitors v what is defined as an "immersive" experience. There"s three components to it: the pan Dome, the fan Stage, and the fan Wall.

The pan Dome will certainly be full of interactive gamings you deserve to play top top a giant display screen via avatar. Activity capture an innovation will allow you to practically run down a football ar in a game referred to as Break far or shake your digital loot in Amps Up. Your moves will certainly be displayed periodically top top the large Fan Wall, a 50-foot large by 15-foot tall video clip wall that will certainly be transfer these video clip game moments, and videos and photos that space tweeted native Super key City (#superbowl50 and #SB50).

The Fan phase is whereby live occasions happen, such together celebrity appearances and also DJ sessions.

6. There"s an application for this.The application is called Road come 50, and also with it girlfriend get event details, traffic information, bay Area maps, and accessibility to the pan Mobile pass that lets you examine into tasks at Super bowl City and the NFL Experience.

7. What"s the difference between Super key City and the NFL pan Experience?Both occasions are hosted by the Super key 50 hold Committee. Super bowl City is larger and also a local focus, it"s situated along the Embarcadero, and also it"s free. The NFL Fan suffer is staged through the national Football League, it"s in the Moscone Center, it"s incredibly football-centric, and tickets cost $35. If your goal is come run right into NFL players and also score autographs, this is whereby you will uncover them. You"ll also find history displays about the sport and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

8. What"s to eat?Officials tell united state they"ve gone to great lengths to make sure the food at Super bowl City is local and also good. Food from the likes the Woodhouse Fish Co. And also Southern Kitchen will be available. We are told the the high quality level will be of gourmet food truck fare, or as a spokesperson for the event said: "It"s the just Area"s take it on football food."

9. Don"t miss out on the irradiate show.The latest addition to the entertainment roster was just announced this week and also hasn"t been extensively publicized: Visa plan to usage their corporate headquarters in ~ One sector Plaza (right in the heart of Super bowl City) together a huge canvas because that a Super bowl 50 Digital irradiate Show. As soon as Super key City opens on the 30th, intend nightly displays that will show Bay Area landmarks, soccer imagery, and also (of course) corporate messaging in vivid lights (unless the city traction the plug). Only Bridge, you have some competition.

10. It"s on monitor to be the most giving Super key in history.A lot has been written around how much the supervisor Bowl will certainly cost, less around how lot it"s giving to the neighborhood through donations. A spokesperson tells us that $7.5 million has actually been allocated to neighborhood charities via the 50 Fund, the legacy fund of the host Committee. Once it"s every said and done, it"s estimated that $13 million will be offered away, many thanks in big part come corporate sponsorships.

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All will certainly be revealed top top Saturday, but until then, take a look in ~ the city as it take away shape.