The advancement of the initial irreverent and also irrelevant and non-authoritative website for headphone measurements, i.e. Frequency solution graphs, CSD waterfall plots, subjective equipment reviews. Too objective for subjectivists; too subjective for objectivists

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Vali2+ technical measurements, Vali2 is much longer in production, technical dimensions for comparison may be found here.
I have long had actually a love / hate releationship with the Schiit Vali2. That has good tonal balance and a pleasing harmonic distortion profile. Typical wisdom because that budding tube headamp listeners to be to gain this inexpensive component, then hear long, obtaining insight while saving funds till a significant ascension with much more knowledge might be afforded. In ~ headphone meets the Vali2+ has been well-known with listeners, myself included. However crucial note about can meets is the fairly high approximately noise, which might mask low level issues.
Let me begin off by thanking purr1n and SBAF for the possibility to start this thread, together I have a great passion because that what I'm going to present, and being able to share it straight with the neighborhood is awesome and makes it an ext meaningful. I hope you'll choose what you'll see and also make good use of it.

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I'm a headphone enthusiast, a long-time audiophile and also music lover, and also a hobbyist headphone designer/DIY-er native Croatia. Currently also a medical student at a university, which often borders the time I have for enjoy it this hobby, but that just makes every moment I have the right to spend act this count even more. I'm walk to current the task I've been working on for the past almost four years, and also I'm walk to do it in the many open and transparent method possible by offering the headphone community full access to it, including the ability to use the raw CAD files of two fully developed, totally modular headphone models, the LTA V1 and also V2, for FREE. Anyone interested will be able to use the papers as castle are, or additional modify and build ~ above the currently designs, in order to manufacture the parts on their own, and also make their own headphones by using the task as a guide. This is something unprecedented and also will allow you come skip a ton of designing, R&D, testing and also prototyping, and also will allow you to go directly to in reality making headphones, saving a ton of headaches and also money in the process.​