Success isn’t owned, it’s leased. And also rent is due every day. What did you execute to get far better today, asks Jay Baer inspired by Rory Vaden and also J.J. Watt?

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Ladies and also gentlemen, success isn’t owned. Success is leased, and rent is early out every solitary day.

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J. J. Watt is widely concerned as the finest defensive player in the national Football League. It’s to be a challenging stretch because that the NFL. I’ve talked around why ns think you’ll ultimately abandon the NFL, but I’ve gained to tell you there’s tho a many of good guys in that league, and also one of them is J. J. Watt. Talk around somebody who is an inspiration, not just to various other athletes and kids who desire to beat football, but to world like me.

This is J. J’s quote, not mine: “Success isn’t owned. It’s leased, and rent is early every day.” In this interview, J. J. Goes on to say: “Every single day someone’s coming for your job, someone’s comes for her greatness. If you’re the greatest, someone else wants to be the greatest. So if you’re no constantly enhancing your game, someone else is.”

What’s even an ext amazing around this is the truth that this quote is initially from my great friend and mentor, Rory Vaden (author of the NY time best-selling publication Take the Stairs, and also the forthcoming new book Procrastinate on Purpose). It’s a dead J.J. Didn’t credit transaction Rory for the quote, however it do me happy the J.J. Is influenced by Rory’s occupational (as ns am).

The concept of paying rent day-to-day is so extremely important, and also it has actually a many resonance with me. World have inquiry me recently, “Hey, Jay, isn’t an excellent that a many of civilization know your blog now and they recognize your name and also they read your books and also things prefer that?” I’ve gained to tell you folks, the absolutely is great. It’s a #FirstWorldProblem.

But carry out you recognize how many other bloggers there are out there? perform you understand how numerous other public speaker there room out there? perform you understand how plenty of other authors there room out there and also podcasters and video podcasters and also everything else I’m doing?

Why am ns recording a video clip right now in a hotel bathroom in Orlando when there’s a most other points I can be doing? because every day rent is due. Every day who is trying to take it away whatever it is that you’ve developed for yourself, and also it doesn’t issue whether you’re a plumber or a consultant or a home painter or an insurance agent or a realtor or a flower arranger or a wedding photographer or any kind of other service that you’re in. Whatever friend have, somebody else is coming for it, and rent is early out every single day.

You’ve got to wake up every morning and also say, “What deserve to I carry out today come climb that mountain and stay on top of the mountain?” There space no days off. That’s not the way modern business works. There’s constantly somebody comes up indigenous the bottom trying to push you off the pedestal. It doesn’t do life easy. That doesn’t do life quiet, yet that’s the reality.

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