Pre-InformationAfter having actually a small hiatus with, my SO and also I got earlier into it. Over there were good things added, but after developing a hellevator in a huge world, I taken into consideration instead of simply throwing away every one of the rock we"ve mined throughout the creation of claimed hellevator, why not put it to use?I looked around online and I noticed a reddit thread that said a lot of great ideas to 1.3.6 and also commented top top there. Ns messaged the team on facebook directly, and also they looked in ~ my message and also redirected me here. So, the gist of the Stonemason NPC is to take it the stone that you have actually in her inventory and craft it right into a frosting of her choice. This will provide a usage for the near seemingly endless rock supply in the world, instead of simply throwing the away.Stonemason NPC appearance + NamesThe stonemason"s appearance could look other like:

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Except, I would personally do him contempt shorter, much like a dwarf of part sorts. This can be made decision by either the developer or the community, I"m no too great at intuitive things.Names could likewise be determined by one of two people the developers or the community, however I feel favor there have to be easter eggs that are worked in the if the is decided. Jason the Stonemason would certainly be an amusing one. Michelangelo could be an additional name, in recommendation to the renaissance artist that which produced the Statue that David.Stonemason NPC Function
The stonemason have the right to have two functions, one of which is slightly mentioned above in the pre-information section. He have the right to take 50 rock blocks + coins and also craft them into a list of decorative statues, OR he deserve to take 100 rock blocks + an appropriate item to craft statues with features (i.e. Love Statue = 100 stone Blocks + 1 Life Fruit OR 2 love Statues = 200 rock Blocks + 1 Life Crystal). Star Statues would take 1 entirety Mana crystal to develop one, because stars and life fruit are a renewable resource. Life Crystals space not a renewable resource.The other duty of the Stonemason NPC would be to sell miscellaneous things concerned mining. He might sell the Mining Helmet at a discounted price (and that might mean owning a Mining Helmet purchased from the seller would trigger his spawning).

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He could sell alternate ores (ores that don"t spawn in your present world) at a greater price1, and then can sell all pre-hardmode ores after ~ the player has beat the wall surface of Flesh2.Both the Tinkerer NPC and the Tavernkeep NPC have actually multiple option once speaking come them, for this reason a Stonemason could have usually the very same function. If not, the main priority the this NPC would certainly be to take it your stone and revolve them into a statue.TL;DRThe main objective the the Stonemason would be: to take it your rock + coins and also craft them into a frosting of her desire.1Credit come /u/KillbotMk4 ~ above Reddit.2Credit to /u/marioman63 top top Reddit.