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•Perforated acute abdomen in 47 year old female write-up Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB).

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Gastric ulcer is a possible complication that MGB.

Main manifestation of the anastomotic marginal ulcer is the perforation.

Laparoscopic treatment through irrigation abdominal muscle and omentoplasty has an excellent outcomes.


Among the numerous techniques available for bariatric surgery, the Mini Gastric Bypass is a safe, technically an easy and effective option. However, it may existing with postoperative complications, gift the perforated gastric ulcer among the most relevant ones.

Presentation of case

A female patience of 41 year of age, with past medical history of a laparoscopic MGB performed 2 year before, presented with 12 hrs of sharp and abruptly initiated abdominal pain, with diffuse presentation v suspected perforated acute abdomen after ~ initial clinical assessment and examination. Imaging propaedeutic to be performed and also confirmed a little pneumoperitoneum the patient to be submitted to a laparoscopy through closure that the leak and also omental job (Graham's patch) after ~ a thorough abdominal muscle irrigation with saline solution. The patient was discharged native the hospital top top the 4th day after ~ surgery.


One of the most typical complications after and also MGB surgery is the event of gastric ulcers and also main manifestation of the anastomotic marginal ulcers (MU) is the perforation. The therapy of the perforated peptic ulcer deserve to be perform via laparoscopic or laparotomic approach. The main objective, regardless of the an approach used to accessibility the abdominal muscle cavity, is come identify and close the perforation.


The perforated gastric ulcer is a complication the the mini bariatric bypasses, and also the laparoscopic therapy of the perforation connected with thorough watering for the the abdominal muscle cavity and omentoplasty present good results for administration of this complication.

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