STITCHED increase HEART"s powerful, new music video for "Catch Me when I Fall" have the right to be viewed below. The song is taken from the band"s debut full-length offering, "Never Alone", which came out on June 17 via Another Century.

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STITCHED increase HEART singer Mixi states: "This video was so lot fun! I gained to it is in a princess because that a day in a castle. I think every girl desires of that. Plus, we had actually a demon that the boys tried to save me from.

"It was interesting watching how all the various scenes come together. Because that the falling in a crystal ball part, it to be shot top top green screen while crew members relocated my dress with light sabers and also blew wind in my face.

"It was an overwhelming for all of us to act our parts, but we had actually an remarkable director and crew. Everyone operated so well together and overall it was a great learning suffer for us.

"The story is the I"m mesmerized by a light which is actually my inside demons. I blindly follow it together it tries to catch me and when I finally realize what the is, it"s also late. The men all are trying to find me because they view that I"m in trouble. I"m falling right into my demon"s trap and they"re do the efforts to conserve me, to capture me when I fall. The message of the track is the same, it"s a call for help. Learning that periodically you require those that care about you to aid you through challenging times in life. It"s really type of a breakthrough song.

"With "Finally Free", we had actually a heavy anthem i m sorry grabs your attention best away. "Monster" was a little much more experimental and also a little bit heavier. "Catch Me" has actually a little an ext mainstream feeling to it. Us think that will help us with a bigger audience and help us spread the overall message the hope. That once life it s okay you down, you deserve to get back up whether v sheer will certainly power or through the assist of loved ones."

STITCHED up HEART is defined in a press release together "a tape built about the strength that comes from realizing we space the only ones that control our lives, and focused on the hope the reminds united state there is always light in ~ the end of the darkest tunnel. It"s something heavy and also powerful, jarring the album"s epos closing monitor "I Can"t Breathe" from a piano-paced ballad that would execute Lady Gaga proud, to a metallic onslaught that drop-tuned guitars that is sure to see the band sharing a stage with the hardest of their hard rock peers. And it is miscellaneous undeniable, Mixi"s voice taking flight amidst anthems that self-awareness that leg the unrelenting trust of IN THIS MOMENT"s Maria Brink and also the soulful transcendence the Adele."

STITCHED increase HEART will execute at The Epiphone Revolver Music Awards, i beg your pardon is reserved to take location on Tuesday, December 13 in ~ Webster room in new York City.

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