Switch your buddy come Butter’s and also use his buddy capacity to heal the boy. He will certainly hand end the key. Head back into the hall and also go best to the Counselor’s office. Inside, the an essential is increase on the shelf.

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How execute you use Kenny’s girlfriend command?

on the computer you press q and then you press f come target the hand symbol for the action to take place.

Boards.South Park: The stick of Truth.Buddy Command.

How perform you pick Buddy command in rod of Truth?

Tap Q till the girlfriend Command tool is selected.” ns tap Q and also scroll to the girlfriend Command tool on the lower-left, yet after the nothing happens.

How perform I acquire the school kitchen vital in rod of Truth?

Use Butters’ buddy ability on the goth kid in former of the door after ~ you shot to open it. Butters will heal him and then the goth son will open up the door for you.

How perform you carry out Dragonshout?

To use a shout, that must very first be selected indigenous the Shouts or Favorites food selection (only one scream or Power have the right to be selected in ~ a time). The shout deserve to then be offered by pushing the Dragon Shout/Power button. When the 2nd and third words of a shout are unlocked, the shout have the right to be “charged” by hold the shout button down.

Where is chaos lair stick of Truth?

To accessibility the lair, you need to obtain the Chaos Lair an essential from Butters’ room. Then, you have to hit the ladder over the dumpster next to the hobo/street merchant. When inside, go north then eastern then open the right-most storage. The chinpokomon is situated on height of the vent.

How carry out I gain the Chinpokomon under the bench?

Coffee under the bench – usage your Gnome Dust strength to acquire underneath it.

How carry out I drop off Mr Mackey’s monitor?

– take it Mackey’s storage Key, and also the Monochrome monitor he gives you, and also head to U-Stor-It. His is Unit 221. – oh lord, what a mess. Drop the Monitor with the others close to the entrance.

Where do you acquire rubbing alcohol in pole of Truth?

rubbing alcohol in front of the school – south Park: The rod of Truth.

Where is Chefs PO crate key?

It’s in a locker, behind the Cafeteria Counter, inside the school.

How perform I gain Mackey’s warehouse key?

Mackey in the Community facility after perfect “PTA Problems”. You’ll additionally obtain his storage an essential so head come U-Stor-It and also open his storage. Discover a chinpokomon on the optimal shelf then use the probe to reach the article bag come the right. You’ll acquire Mackey’s PO Box vital there.

What walk Jimbo’s an essential unlock?

The vital is because that a chest right over Jimbo near the ceiling. The bat can be combated in the sewers in the exact same area wherein the crab human being is.

Where are all the kindergarteners in stick of Truth?

South Park: The pole of truth side quests guide uncover 6 kindergartners hiding around South Park. Hiding in the trees to the left the Mr. Slave’s house. Hiding behind the fence on the left the the farm yard field.

Where is the critical homeless in rod of Truth?

Bus protect against – walk west, and take the route behind a tree, beside the Park Bench. Remaining homeless are located in the sewers.

How perform you obtain a passport in pole of Truth?

the passport is offered on the main story quest line. Also the gain the high level weapons and costumes just play through the story and more shops will open.

How execute you gain to Canada stick of Truth?

To acquire to Canada, just get in the shed forest and keep going north.

How deserve to I acquire into Canada there is no a passport?

For those travelers, in lieu that a passport, Canada requires that you bring proof of her citizenship, such together a birth certificate, certificate the citizenship or naturalization, or a Certificate the Indian Status, and also photo identification.

Who is Canadian in south Park?

Some Canadians are significant characters. Ike Broflovski, the adopted brother of Kyle Broflovski originally came from Canada. Also, the comedy duo Terrance and Phillip come indigenous Canada and have been featured prominently end the seasons.

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Can you obtain into Canada south Park broken but whole?

In southern Park: The broken But Whole, Canada is mentioned yet cannot be visited, as there is a wall surface preventing the brand-new Kid indigenous entering, v an unknown-named Canadian sitting on top of it and also teasing any American attempting to cross the border.