As you could predict, Kevin Stoley is located in his house. It"s found in the Neighborhood, come the east of the ar Center. Examine your map because that a blue house (not aqua, blue) and you"ll find Kevin Stoley"s House. It"s right close to the start of the game, really, for this reason the possibilities are pretty great that this will be your very first side quest.

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- Bust the lamp in the living room because that aBroken knife Hilt, and also check the desk lamp table for$0.27and some merchant trash. Bust increase the items on the next lamp table because that aCog-on-a-Springand aFractured Bulb, and check the table for$0.38.
- right into the kitchen. Bust up whatever you find for aCeramic Shard,Shredded Plastic, aCardboard Tube, and also aBroken knife Hilt.Check the drawers for aStrength Potion, aFork, and also aCure Potion.
- Kevin Stoley"s room is increase first. Speak to Kevin to get the quest,Vulcan Around. Bust up his room forCrumpled Paper, and check his drawers for twoUSB Drives, aMicrochip,Underpants, aHealth Potion,$2.20, $0.66, aVideo Game, and aKlingon Beard.
- Last, the bathroom. Examine the drawers in right here forCrumpled Paper, aCardboard Roll, and$0.38, and trash the two flower pots forCeramic Shards. There"s additionally the usual toilet minigame. Yay.
- Right, sufficient raiding part dude"s house. Time to track down his lacking item: one iPad 2. Kevin claims that he lost it - or hethinkshe shed it - through the Church. Leave his house and return to the streets.
- examine your map. The Church is up one street and also to the west. Head left come the end of the street and also head north towards the Police Station. Continue one screen further west to with the Church.
- First, attend to the unpreventable grouping that elves on the Church"s prior lawn. They"ll it is in itching because that a fight. This is a great place come grind money and also experience early in the game, assuming girlfriend partook the this search right far - simply hop in and out the the Church every time friend beat up the elves to refresh the fight. Go to!
- Next, assuming friend haven"t been below before, activate the quick Travel flag sitting by the sidewalk. This will allow you come jump ago to Kevin"s house immediately after you discover the iPad, since there"s an additional flag right by his house.
- ... Inspect out the Church itself. There"s nothing in the hall, yet if you examine the back-left room inside the Church you"ll uncover an office. Check the drawers because that aFaith +1 CD, aLeash, aHealth potion (Large),The Hollywood Beard, aCure Potion,$0.99,St. Peter, and aGhost Patch.

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- Right, so where"s the iPad? Head earlier outside and look ~ above the ideal side the the lawn, whereby there space usually loitering elves. There"s one tree was standing a little apart indigenous the rest which you have the right to slip behind. TheiPadis ago here. Snag it and also the hard part of the search will it is in complete.
- Zip back to Kevin"s home with the Timmy flag. Kevin will gratefully friend you because that bringing the iPad back. He"ll additionally fork end oneMissile the Slowing, i beg your pardon will, eventually, change your Bow of Sucking. (Assuming you do this quest beforehand in the game. Trust me, it"s a good weapon.)