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Do you ever misplace her keys, her phone or any other necessary belongings, prefer your kids? If not, us salute you. But if you"re favor us, climate Stick-N-Find is the perfect product because that you.

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Stick-N-Find is one ultra small sticker through built-in, low power bluetooth capabilities and a range of 100 feet. Every sticker is around the size of a U.S. Quarter through a battery life the lasts for over a year. You can stick it on your Keys, TV Remote, Kids,Cat, Dog,iPod,Tablet, Phone, Wallet, Purse, Passport, Laptop, Backpack, etc. Stick-N-Find stickers have a buzzer and light, so that you can even uncover your valuables in the dark.

crucial Features

We make an amazing app for Stick-N-Find, with numerous features together as:

Simple Radar Screen


It will display all your devices in a Radar kind Screen. The course, since we don"t really recognize direction, the radar display can just be supplied to approximate the street of the Stick-N-Find to your phone. So as soon as you have located top top the Radar screen the Sticker you would like to find, you start walking in a specific direction, and see if it gets closer or farther. You can tap the Sticker on the radar screen and decide if you would favor it to Buzz, speed the lamp or both.

Virtual Leash


This allows you to produce a digital Leash ~ above a sticker, if the sticker moves away much more than the approximate selected distance from your phone, her phone will certainly Alarm you. Friend can also customize the kind of Alarms per different Stickers. Girlfriend can likewise create a Reverse virtual Leashwhere you put a Sticker on your secrets etc, if girlfriend forget your phone behind, the sticker on keys will buz. You must have actually the StickNFind application running in the background for the reverse virtual leash come work.

"FIND IT" Feature


Say you are searching for a absent Sticker, that your phone deserve to not find, or is not in range. As soon as that Sticker is in Range, her phone will certainly Alert you.

You deserve to even connect Stick-N-Find sticker labels to your luggage. Imagine gift able to sit down and avoid the bullrush once baggage starts relocating along the belt. When your suitcase in in range, you will be alerted so you dont need to spend even more time in the airport standing in line.


You can also place the Stick-N-Find on your wife’s car. As soon as she pulls into the driveway, you obtain a notification, clean her mess, and also go to wash dishes before she comes in.



Stick-N-Find permits you to screen the temperature the your sticker labels to ensure your devices don"t overheat.


BluTracker can track miscellaneous items within a 2500ft. Selection by using the latest radio frequency (RF) design and also Bluetooth 4.0. It has motion detection that warns users when the tracked thing moves. It is water resistant, has actually no ON/OFF button, and also a rechargeable battery. It functions in nearby spaces wherein no gps coverage is available. It was designed to work in extreme climate (Operation temperature range: 15°F(-10°c) come 150°F (65°c)). Finest of all, NO MONTHLY FEES!


Meter Plug steps electricity intake which is shown in local currency. It uses a substantial database with electric costs for countless countries - update monthly.

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Proximity manage - quickly programmabletoturn OFF when you to walk away and also turn back ON when you returnManual On/Off - remote manual turn ON/OFF any kind of appliance associated to the MeterPlug in ~ a 100 foot range.

Other assets in the Pipeline:

SNF Toys arsenal (Treasure Hunt)StickNFind MiniBLE to WiFi leg

We have actually made substantial headway in happen our products to a broader market base. Here"s what we have achieved so far:


We have efficiently raised $1.3 million native Indiegogo Campaigns

- 12,314 Funders for 57,364 stickers - 1,517 BlueTracker orders - 1,198 MeterPlug Orders

We have actually completed the architecture for the Stick-N-Find Packaging.We have signed agreements with retailers, Brookstone in particular. Ours product lines will certainly be comes to stores by the end of might and obtainable online currently. Other retailers, wholesalers and telecommunication providers with tremendous market presence space in the process of finalizing together well.We have additionally gained massive interest from significant brands, enterprises in our B2B supplying (inventory tracking, security, heritage tracking, etc.)