Apple uploaded a brand-new holiday commercial now (simply ahead of Thanksgiving in the United States) featuring soul singer Andra Day and Stevie Wonder playing Wonder’s 1967 classic ‘Someday at Christmas’.

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The ad is significant for a pair of reasons. First, it’s not concentrated on any kind of specific Apple product, although MacBooks and Apple Watches make a brief appearance. The theme of the ad is Day and Wonder playing and also singing together – the ad instantly highlights VoiceOver integration in GarageBand for Mac, among the Accessibility features that Wonder provides to communicate with OS X and also manage recorded tracks in the application.

Earlier this year, Apple was honored as a recipient of the Helen Keller Achievement Awards for its implementation of obtainable innovations, via a particular cite of VoiceOver by the Amerideserve to Foundation for the Blind.

In a subtle note, the ad closes to a “Love, Apple” message. You have the right to watch the video below.


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