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If you're evil and you're on the riseYou deserve to count on the 4 of united state taking you downCause we're good and evil never beats usWe'll win the fight and also then go the end for pizzasWe are the decision GemsWe’ll constantly save the day!And if you think we can’tWe’ll always find a way!That’s why the civilization of this world think inGarnet, Amethyst, and also Pearl and also Steven!If you can only know, what us really areWhen we landed on Earth, from out beyond your starWe were amazed come find, your beauty and also your worthAnd us will safeguard your kind, and also we will safeguard your EarthAnd we will defend your EarthAnd us will protect you!
I will fight for the place where ns freeTo live together and also exist as weI will certainly fight in the name of increased Quartz!And every little thing that she believed inI will fight because that the civilization I to be made inThe planet is every little thing I’ve ever known!I will fight come be every little thing that everybody wants me come be when I’m grownThe odds are against us, it i will not ~ be easyBut we’re not going to carry out it aloneWe room the crystal GemsWe’ll always save the day!And if girlfriend think us can’tWe’ll constantly find a way!That’s why the world of this world think inGarnet, Amethyst, and also Pearl and also Steven!
Embed“We are the crystal Gems (Full theme Song)” by Zach Callison, Estelle, Deedee Magno Hall, Michaela Dietz & Tom Scharpling ~ above
The prolonged intro for Steven world was first shown throughout the 2015 san Diego Comic-Con. It gave fans an understanding into countless things, including exactly how Steven involved live v the crystal Gems and also the an initial look at who is presumed to it is in the show’s main antagonist, Yellow Diamond. A cleaned-up variation was later on released to the public.

Greg Universe and also Rose never got married! They were romantic partners, yet the present has never shown to us, the audience, the a marriage took place.


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We room the decision Gems (Change your Mind Version) by Steven Universe (Ft. Zach Callison) & ras gemas de cristal (Versión extendida) by Miguel Antelo, María Caneda, Melisa González, Laura pastor & Pablo Concejero