Started, Started...Y"all n***as know where ns come fromIt"s Meek MillyPhillyOkStarted native the bottom currently we hereWe to be sellin" things, pullin" strings - puppeteerStarted through a dollar now I"m jumping the end the LearAll my n***as behind me, girlfriend can find me in the airIn the car smokin" loud on my way to Mr. Chow"sI say: “ain"t it funny now, n***a, this bracelet"s fifty thou”He speak he gon" struggle me, how? I keep shooters all about meQuicker-picker-up your b**h, that p**y wet and I it is in BountyI obtained all this haters frontin" simply from lookin" at my picturesPlottin" on my Instagram, they wanna follow me choose TwitterOn my way home…But I"mma struggle her, did ns mention, 30 grand"ll gain you goneYou"ll come up lacking ‘cause mine cake longWhere your real friends at?Hold up, f** that, n***a, where your girlfriend at?She probably in the VIP whereby all her girlfriends atShe recognize that you it is in hatin" on me and also I quiet hit that, damnYou gon" require a environment-friendly card for the Cuban link (ouch)Cancel my account, I"ll more than likely move the bankWhen you see them hammers out you"d finest not move a blinkFN57, f** around, shoot v a tankb**h, shake the a**, go on, shake them tittiesb**h, shake that a** like you occupational at Magic CityI it is in bustin" bottles, ain"t talkin" ‘bout with DrizzyProbably be through OVO and I it is in in Toronto cityWith yo fake a**, and yo fake weedFrontin" ~ above a genuine n***a, b**h to speak cheeseAnd placed your speed on just to catch the APDiamonds thunderin" all in that b**h, I contact it KDHold increase – hold up, wait a minute, y"all assumed I was finished?I popped twenty bottles, the was just a scrimmagen***a, friend ain"t ballin", you pop twenty and you finishedGot you f**in" up her re-up every time we in the building‘Cause we started from the bottom now we hereSippin" Rosé through Rozay and it"s BelaireI signed with MMG and did it in a yearI began with a circle and also I turned it to a square, ya dig?Still in the basement, wherein it startedUhhh...Started native the...KellsStarted indigenous the bottom, now we hereCourtside, you would certainly think ns was a Cleveland CavalierI"m talking 30,000 feet increase in the airAnd dance leer, 30 minutes later all the pan cheer, b**hYou ain"t seen this power because LeBronI checked out vegas because that my 22nd, rented out the PalmsNow they to speak illuminati is the causeOr possibly everyone of y"all is lazy and also I worked hardI ain"t never ever bowing under for a dollarSelling my heart to a charterI wouldn"t even take a buck from mine fatherBut castle weren"t saying that earlier in the dayWhen ns was hustling tickets to mine shows, asking danteAnd ns heard tempers heating up choose a filetTalking "bout they run my city as soon as they livin in LAs**er, ns ain"t hearin nothing bout a wordTalked about it, been around it, b**h I acquired what i deservedSee ns don"t know why everybody madYou had your chance and you blew itMeanwhile, I"m young and I"m ruthlessMeanwhile, the dumb room influencedThinking girlfriend live prefer the musicDon"t be foolishMy shooters do your face maroon choose the Hoosiers (Braahh)s**ers always wanna speak funnyBroke motherf**ers never ever wanna speak moneyAnd due to the fact that I to be being quiet in the pastI"m top top the optimal looking down, kiss my a**Still in the game with my very same cliqueStill with the hood b**hes f** CambridgeAnd when they wanna know if I"m realI speak "b**h i ran mine city "fore I ever before had a deal"KellsNo brand-new n***as, n***a we don"t feel thatf** a fake friend, where"re your genuine friends at?We don"t prefer to carry out too lot explainin"Story remains the same, i never changed itNo new n***as, n***a we don"t feeling thatf** a fake friend, where"re your real friends at?We don"t choose to do too lot explainin"Story continue to be the same through the money and the fameCause we...Came in the video game with no lane and also then adjusted itThese f** n***as"ll say it in ten various waysThen see you and smile in her faceYou wanna accomplish up, surname a time or a placeI"m smokin" that fire, mine n***a you understand that it"s fireYou odor it as quickly as i blazeBurnin" a pound, burnin" a pound, burnin" a poundYeah, it"s goin" down, it"s goin" down, it"s goin" downStarted native the bottom now we hereHad a dream bout a car, and also went and also got the in a yearAll black trucks as soon as we pull up to the LearAll black color Coupe, ns look favor Bruce as soon as I"m steerin"Hope the homie Drake don"t acquire pissedBut n***as never ever put your guy on songs choose thisAnd I more than likely said no come it beforeBut i made 20 millions so we should more than likely go top top tourAnd I simply seen Waka the various other dayHe wasn"t trippin", we just talked around the money we been makin"Cause we…Started from the bottom now we"re below (Tuh ha ha ha ha)Started from the bottom currently my entirety team f**in" here (Ugh!)Started indigenous the bottom currently we"re hereStarted from the bottom now the whole team here, n***a (Watch it y"all n***as, man, we room doing every this sh**)Started native the bottom now we"re here (We"all up now)Started indigenous the bottom currently my entirety team here, n***aStarted from the bottom currently we"re below (Real sh**)Started indigenous the bottom now the totality team f**in"hereNo brand-new n***as, n***a we don"t feeling thatf** a fake friend, where"re your actual friends at?We don"t choose to execute too much explainin"Story continues to be the same, i never changed it