First points first, let’s prize the inquiry on the psychic of many Starbucks uber-fans prefer myself. You don’t have to wonder whether the coffee chain’s doors will certainly be shuttered ~ above September 6 this year — because, yes, most Starbucks places are indeed open on job Day. So, no should worry about whether girlfriend will need to forgo a Pumpkin spice Latte today.

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A major caveat to note is that we discussed “most” places are open today. There may nevertheless be some exceptions today, and also perhaps some areas that offer much shorter hours, too. To check out the situation near you, visit either the Starbucks save locator top top the web or use the Starbucks application to confirm hours for any type of location you desire to patronize today.

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Is Starbucks open up on job Day?

Starbucks being open on labor Day is additionally a great excuse to recommit you yourself to a good practice. Tipping. Your. Barista.

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Starbucks employees, prefer so plenty of in the retail and also food industries, have had actually a stormy go the it throughout the pandemic. Whipsawed by changes in neighborhood regulations and also store hours. To add the closing and also reopening of dining rooms, brand-new cleaning protocols and also so lot more.

Happy labor Day, everyone!