Even despite the Skywalker saga has concerned a conclusion, the doesn’t average fans will retire native collecting Star battles toys. Listed below is a list of devices inspired by iconic fan-favorite characters that have actually been with us due to the fact that A new Hope. Gift USB-powered, these tools are as useful as they space aesthetic.

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Flash drives by Tribe

Tribe has actually picked up whereby MIMOBOT left off and also launched that own series of Star Wars-themed speed drives. Just like the company’s Marvel collection, its comical technique to the drives is a funny re-imagination that the Star Wars personalities by Tribe’s in-house talented artists.


The latest additions include USB drives motivated by brand-new characters consisting of Rey, Kylo Ren, Porg and BB-8 from the sequel trilogy and long-time fan-favorites favor Han Solo, Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Yoda. Even though over there are around 30 cd driver in Tribe’s impressive line-up, Luke and also Leia Skywalker are notably omitted for some reasons.

Desk Lamps by Paladone

The two many iconic spaceships – Millennium Falcon and also TIE Fighter – indigenous Star Wars room made right into balanced-arm USB lamps. Draft in the UK by Paladone, both officially licensed lamps re-superstructure the very same two-point flexible arm because that maximum reach, and also they are around 60cm high when totally extended. Also included is a weighted basic to store the unit stable and to prevent it from tipping over.


Both the TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon design are impressively faithful to the original architecture with highly comprehensive finish top top the former’s signature hexagonal panel and also on the latter’s delivery hull. One can make out all the details, but you will need the intuitive acuity of a child. Because that the TIE Fighter, the LED pear is nifty concealed inside the cockpit. Irradiate is projected top top the desktop computer as if the fighter has actually turned on its searchlight. As for the Falcon, yes a LED variety in the ship’s rear hyperdrive come illuminate your whole desktop.

USB Charger turns to the Dark Side

>In the era of cell phone computing, it no come together a surprised that us are becoming picky as soon as it involves chargers. Because that Star battle fans, it’s every the same. This wall charger is modeled after ~ Darth Vader’s helmet. Not just will that juice up your mobile devices, but additionally serve as a tasteful house / office decor element.


As a Japanese-designed USB charger, you gain the finest of both worlds: crave for perfection in quality and the dark next of the force. It has actually a pair of illuminated eyes that glows native inside v Darth Vader’s breath mask. There room two variants for micro-USB and Apple Lightning. The last is tethered to a 1.2m light cable and is designed because that none other than iOS devices. The USB version has actually a cable length of 1.5m, and is intended for virtually virtually every various other mobile device and power bank. Both variants sell a preferably charging price of 2A through universal voltage standard.


Did we mention the charger is also accessible in C-3PO and also Imperial Stormtrooper?

Yoda, Your desktop computer Protector

Trying to keep civilization away from your cubicle is now completely automated through Yoda USB desk Protector. The miniatured Jedi understand holding the illuminated lightsaber is able come detect anything indigenous 2 to 3 meter away and also gives audible “warning” come intruders.


The pre-recorded phrases encompass the following:

‘In the end, cowards space those who follow the dark side’ ‘A disturbance in the force there is’ ‘Retreat! sheathe you i will’ ‘Still lot to discover you have’ ‘So specific of defeat space you, hmmm?’ ‘Rush not into fight, lengthy is the war – just by surviving it will you prevail’

Available because that pre-order at a measly $25.99, the Jedi Yoda USB safety is modeled after ~ the character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars man series. That is a keeper for fans the the man series.

The very first Order Stormtrooper’s Helmet

This miniatured helmet of very first Order Stormtrooper native The force Awakens is yours to own for $28 (suggested retail price). Even though this is in a flash drive kind factor, the unit procedures at 54 by 55 by 72mm. To say the least, that is unusually huge for what the does. As it turns out, the helmet likewise doubles together a USB LED light.


Designed by Infothink and also officially license is granted by Disney, the LED glows from within at a flick that a move beneath the helmet. You can obtain either 16GB or 32GB. It would appear this is exclusively obtainable in the greater China region which contains China, Taiwan, and also Hong Kong. Fans would have to search for online retailers which import these.

R2-D2 Droids at your Service

Even though many serious movie geeks want to forget that Star wars prequels ever happened, most do actually have actually fond memory of that plucky robot sidekick native the initial series. Thankfully, you deserve to now have actually all the R2-D2 you ever before wanted v these gadgets.

USB Hub v all the USB equipment sitting on a desk nowadays, one always seems to it is in needing an ext ports. Currently anyone can indulge Star wars fetish and get ports at the exact same time v the officially license is granted R2-D2 hub – indigenous Japanese agency Cube.


To qualify together a fan’s collectible, hub deserve to do much more than just imitating the looks of the many adorable droid in film history. The dome-shaped head – at the press of a button – deserve to spin top top its own. At the exact same time, the droid renders its signature beeping and whistling sounds and showing random light effects. Together of late 2015, the hub has been updated to USB 3.0 for this reason you need to be quiet able to uncover imports available.

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner The following one is a tiny vacuum cleaner, powered by none other than USB. Again, modeled after ~ R2-D2, the 13.5cm tall USB gadget keeps your desktop free native dust and dirt. The is reportedly an effective enough come suck up bread crumbs and also pencil shavings despite the truth this thing shouldn’t have high suction power.


To rotate on the vacuum cleaner, just press the switch atop the unit. And also to north the dust cup inside the vacuum cleaner, simply unscrew R2-D2’s dome-shaped head to take out the rubbish. You can discover this for around $25 if you are in search of a useful gift for your colleagues v a confusing desk.

USB Auto Charger This droid – measuring in ~ 5.5” x 3.5” x 2” – converts any old cigarette lighter right into a dual-USB port charger while at the very same time fits perfectly in many vehicles’ cup holders. It might not have the ability to repair your vehicle but this itty bitty droid does load quite a punch in the it can provide 2.1A end each the its two ports. This amount of strength is an ext than sufficient to charge also two iPads in ~ the very same time.


Add in a rotating head; an incorporated LED eye that glows blue as soon as charging devices; and also the reality that it also ‘talks’ come you in his trademark language that beeps and also whistles once charging starts, this official licensed-charger certainly qualifies together a Star wars collectible. If interested, ThinkGeek dead it because that $19.95 (plus shipping).

Ultrasonic Humidifier human being geeks who live in low dry areas likely rely on humidifiers ~ above a daily basis to do life much less unbearable. The wouldn’t come together a surprised a humidifier is a necessity in offices. Here’s a USB humidifier in a miniature model of R2-D2. It offers ultrasonic to develop fine mist native water the exists at the top of R2-D2 dome-shaped head.


However, if your cubicle is together dry together Tatooine, then this watered-down version humidifier just won’t cut it because that you. Keep in mind though that the ultrasonic humidifier must be supplied with distilled water, and should be cleaned top top a consistent basis to protect against the spread out of bacteria in the air.

Star battles x MIMOBOT flash Drives

Flash drives are synonymous with basic PC storage. This adjusted when Mimoco pioneered the category of collectible thumb drives beginning in 2006. For yearly until 2012, a brand-new series of MIMOBOT USB storage in the type of character-based Star Wars numbers was released. Over 8 years, there to be a full of 31 themed cd driver with an additional 9 minimal editions made exclusively for the attendees of san Diego Comic-Con.

The original series comprised R2-D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and Imperial Stormtrooper. They, unfortunately, all mutual the same imaginative flaw in the none the these personalities have pointy ears. It was therefore why Mimoco updated every these in subsequent series.


The 2nd series observed the relax of Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing pilot suit, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Boba Fett. This was the an initial time Mimoco adopted the nifty style that removing the lid would disclose the character’s true face behind his helmet.


In the 3rd series, Mimoco rolling out wicket the Ewok, Emperor Palpatine (a.k.a. Darth Sidious), royal Royal Guard and also C-3PO. The pointy years on the window returned however for the appropriate reason.

The fourth collection brought the return of Darth Vader which had actually its ears finally removed. There was additionally an exciting twist. Unmasking the Darth Vader would reveal the scarred countenance that Anakin Skywalker, together played through Hayden Christensen. One in every six Vader’s would have actually the classic Anakin face. Clone Captain Rex indigenous the Star battles animated collection and Darth Maul were also part of this collection.


The fifth set from Mimoco introduced personalities from A new Hope. Enhancements included Stormtrooper suited Luke and also Han; Jawa; R2-D2 (finally without ears); and also the venerable Ben Kenobi. This was a relief because that fans that wanted to change the R2-D2 through an boosted version. And like the vault year edition, there’s a opportunity to obtain either Luke or Han v the Stormtrooper blind Box.


Sixth series of MIMOBOT was mostly characters from The battle of Hoth with Wampa and also Snowtrooper make their very first appearance. Luke Skywalker has actually a new Hoth outfit. Pan were likewise delighted to watch Yoda MIMOBOT with its huge pointy ears in the right ar and nearly in the ideal size.


By well-known demand, Boba Fett to be brought earlier to the seventh collection alongside Han Solo in carbonate delivering case; Lando Calrissian; and also Boushh. The bounty hunter turns out to be posthumously impersonated by Leia. Obviously, girlfriend wouldn’t understand until you remove the journey cap.


The 2012 series of Star Wars-themed flash drives featured personalities from Return the the Jedi. This time, Luke is currently the Jedi knight looking every serious and also stuff. Leia is the slave, wearing she ironic steel bikini. There’s also the intergalactic crime lord Jabba the Hutt but Mimoco didn’t offer him special size treatment. Admiral Ackbar – the fleet commander of the Rebel Alliance – join MIMOBOT as well, prominently special his signature squid-like face.

Throughout the years, Mimoco unveiled several limited editions that Star battles MIMOBOT. They included Darth Vader (2009); Lobot (2010); Starkiller native The pressure Unleashed II video game (2010); Bossk (2011); Darth Maul (2012); Biker reconnaissance (2012); jar Jar Binks (2013); R2-A6 (2013); Chewbacca through C3-PO (2013).

The Old Republic MMO Gaming Gear

Star Wars: The Old Republic quiet remains one of the most renowned massively multiplayer online games since its debut in 2011. At game launch, Razer released a video game tie-in keyboard, headset, and mouse the are particularly made to assist you in your journey throughout the galaxy.

The keyboard is whatever one might ask for. That is the very first from Razer to function a multi-touch LCD dashboard for every little thing from navigating through gamings to checking character stats, and from checking facebook to the town hall YouTube. Feature-wise, it comes v a hold of integrated features including short throw/travel street keys; 1ms solution time; and built-in macro keys.


Better still, coupled through its 16-million color LED lighting mechanism with a row of 10 OLED adaptive tactile keys over it, this keyboard should allow for even deeper immersion into the game. All these room powered through a 7-foot braided USB cable. Every key even has Aurebesh – the primary written language in the Star wars universe.

Next increase is the headset. That is ear cups are hexagonally-shaped v interchangeable plates who Galactic Republic or Sith realm translucent yellow emblem lights up as soon as the headset is plugged right into a USB port. There’s glowing LED lighting whose color is customizable v Razer Synapse software. This gives the Razer headset a distinctive identity and also much-needed attention from surrounding Star wars fans.


The headphones utilize bigger than average 50mm drivers to boost greater dynamic range. Its virtual 7.1 surround capability noted by none various other than Dolby also does its finest to provide a compelling 7.1 sound phase over simply two drivers. Interestingly, the eight mic top top the left ear cup can not be eliminated to the various other side which is wherein all the audio controls are located.

Last is the MMO computer mouse which is fundamentally based upon the Razer Naga Epic. There room 17 fully programmable buttons in total, consisting of 12 on the thumb grid. LED lighting on both the scroll wheel the the mouse and also the wireless receiver basic is controlled by Razer Synapse software, which likewise manages indigenous lighting color to illumination intensity and also from macros to switch configuration.


At the love of the mouse is a 5600dpi 3.5 laser sensor. Its twin connectivity (i.e. USB and 2.4Ghz RF) makes sure you enjoy the convenience that wireless (for 12 hours during consistent use) while having actually wired setting in case the battery runs out. In the last case, the mouse will work-related with a braided USB charging cable so you deserve to keep on play without interruption.

Whether you use these for great or evil is as much as you, yet be warned that v such features and also looks as seductive together the Dark side of the Force, you may never be able to go earlier to your consistent peripherals again. Though v an questioning price that $199 because that the keyboard, $129 because that the headset, and additionally $129 for the mouse, you may just have the ability to resist.

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If you gain this, make certain to check out other USB device round-up because that Marvel, DC Universe, Star Trek and also Transformers.