File Name:Star wars - Battlefront II (USA).7z
Genre:Shoot "em up
Year that release:2005

Important!! In bespeak to be able to play this video game you require an emulator installed. Watch the complete list of obtainable Sony playstation 2 emulators because that this game.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II ROM Download for PS2

It"s a an initial and third-person shooter video game released in 2005 and also developed by Pandemic Studios and also is based upon the Star battles film franchise. It"s the second title in the Star World: Battlefront series. The video game has new characters, features, maps, and also mechanics as contrasted to the critical part. A much more narrative-based project retells the story native the perspective of a veteran imperial Stormtrooper recalling his duty in business of both the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Republic.

It additionally has one Instant activity mode, which enables the players to choose from the numerous planets and maps to play. The game offers an enjoyable and also worthwhile experience. The threatening nature that the supreme chancellor, secrets hidden from the Jedi, the clones" obedience, and also the intense action make this video game quite a thrill.


There is an enhancement of brand-new gameplay mechanics in this game, such as dash and also roll forward. Most goals aim to eliminate the enemy faction, however several modes have a various objective; this function adds uniqueness come the game. The video game has two eras: Galactic polite Wars, whereby the struggle takes place between the Galactic Empire and also Rebel Alliance; and also The clone war, in which the fight takes place in between Confederacy of independent Systems and also the Galactic Republic.

There room four course types: Infantry, Heavy, Engineer, and Sniper. In addition to this classes, there room some one-of-a-kind classes: the MagnaGuard and the Droideka for the CIS, Commander and also the Jet Trooper because that the Republic, the Bothan Spy Wookiee because that the Rebels, and the Dark trooper and also Officer for the Empire.

There is an introduction of a brand-new special class known as Heroes. The players deserve to now play the iconic personalities from the Star wars franchise. The heroes are easily accessible only on some maps. However, a deathmatch mode allows heroes come battle against each other and earn performance points.

FeaturesInstant activity : The football player can pick from any kind of of the game"s twenty-four maps and also any easily accessible modes and eras. Four modes included: Battlefront, hunt mode, capture the flag, and also Hero assault and space Assault.Galactic conquest : In this mode, the players command a fleet and also conquer and also protect the planets. When the conflicting forces reach the exact same planet, climate the game transforms to a traditional perspective, and the players need to defeat the foe to get control of that planet.New room Combat Maps : This enhancement makes the combat full of activity and enjoyable. The an are combat maps enable the players to fly out of the fighter only of funding ships, jump into small starfighters, and dogfight in outer space.

Best Emulator because that Star wars - Battlefront II

To play this PS2 video game on her device, you need to download and also install a PS2 emulator. The PCSX2 is a wonderful PS2 emulator. It is a fast emulator through engine optimization and also ultimate graphic shaders. It likewise supports dynamic recompilation and also saves states.

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