Star battles is quite awesome. The collection has spawned few of pop culture"s most enduring phrases and intriguing characters. Present your love the Star wars in a sensible method (meaning not dressing up favor Boba Fett every Thursday) with these officially licensed Star wars USB speed Drives.

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Each Star wars USB flash Drive features 8 GB of storage and also an assortment the preloaded digital goodies.Current characters: R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, window (the lovable Ewok), and also Han Solo through Carbonite carrying case. Collect them all!

For civilization who like:
Features & specs8GB CapacityHi-Speed USB 2.0Includes pre-loaded wallpapers, icons, avatars, audio, and also a screensaverPC and Mac compatibleDimensions (USB drive): 2.25" x 1.0" x 0.5"Dimensions (carbonite delivering case): 1.75" x 2.625" x 1"R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Han Solo, Stormtrooper, and also Wicket
Notes on this video1:07 - Keychain cases are currently sold separately and not contained with every flash drive as indicated in the video.
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Star wars 8GB USB flash Drives

We"re Star battles fans, but we"re no fanatics. We choose the movies and think the characters are cool, however you most likely won"t discover us at any one of the hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of Star wars conventions organized each year.

So, regardless of our never-going-to-stand-in-line-for-eight-hours-to-watch-an-IMAX-version-of-Episode-2 status, us love this Star wars USB speed Drives. The designer 8GB USB speed drives feature officially-licensed, cartoonized execution of your favorite characters.

A small light ~ above the back of your feet lights up when linked to a computer.

Each journey comes pre-loaded with digital goodness

Each Star wars USB Flash journey comes preloaded with digital goodies (which you can delete native the journey if friend don"t desire them). Every item is contained in both PC and also Mac formats.

Here"s the break down of what is consisted of on her Star wars Mimobot Flash journey (keep in mind that the specific content might vary indigenous drive-to-drive relying on the character you"ve chosen):

Wallpapers - Adorn your desktop with end a dozen Star Wars-themed wallpapers. They"re had in a selection of display screen sizes ranging from 800x600 approximately 1680x1050.

end a dozen Star Wars desktop wallpapers are had on every flash drive.

Avatars - require a brand-new avatar for MyTwitterFace or the I"m-secretly-a-huge-Star-Wars-fan forum? There room twenty to choose from.

A selection of Star battles avatars space pre-loaded on each flash drive.

Icons - The same collection of avatars are additionally included in a larger style to be provided as symbols for folders, difficult drives, and also yes, the course, your brand-new Star battles USB speed Drive!Screensaver - psychic the days when civilization flaunted your screensavers together if they were the ultimate condition symbol? flying Toasters, anyone? kick it old school on your pc or Mac v a Star Wars-inspired screensaver.Audio- each Star battles USB flash drive pictured below includes a little piece of software program that enables it come play a brief sound clip as soon as the drive is inserted or ejected from the computer.
Keep her storage handy v the optional keychain hoodies

You simply never understand when you"re walking to need to transfer part pictures, videos, or grab her friend"s stellar repertoire of Kelly Clarkson desktop computer wallpapers.

That"s why the optional keychain hoodie is so handy. Clip that onto your keychain and you"ll always have 8GB that super-fast USB 2.0 storage at your fingertips. Please note that the keychain hoodies are currently only easily accessible in black.

Keep your 8GB Star battles USB Flash cd driver at-the-ready through the optional keychain hoodies.

Collect them all!

Our present line that Star wars Mimobot USB speed drives consists of the adhering to characters: C-3PO, Darth Vader, R2-D2, wicket (the Ewok), Boba Fett, Stormtrooper (you"ll randomly obtain either Luke or Han Solo), and Han Solo v Carbonite delivering Case.

Collect all of the Star battles USB flash Drives!

Frequently inquiry Questions

Question: will this Star battles USB speed Drive job-related on my computer?

Answer: Yes. If your computer has USB ports, you"re great to go. If you have actually USB 2.0 ports, it will run even faster. However, it is still compatible with any kind of USB port.

Question: What if ns don"t desire the digital goodies the come through the drive?

Answer: you can quickly delete those documents if friend don"t desire them.

Question: Does that come with a transporting case?

Answer: only Han Solo comes through a transferring case. In his case, it"s Carbonite! Otherwise, the Keychain instance must it is in ordered separately.

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Question: how do ns request a certain style the Stormtrooper?

Answer: Sorry, yet that"s no possible. We don"t even know if it"s Luke or Han pulling turn off the Stormtrooper masquerade. It"s basically a toss-up as to which one you"ll get. Hey, that"s half the fun!

Question: space you men going to be at the next Star wars Fan Days? maybe we might hang.