ECCC | man de Lancie talks 'Star Trek,' 'My small Pony' and also Brony Phenomenon Nothing was off borders when Star Trek"s john de Lancie thrilled a packed residence at Emerald City Comicon about stripping under on the U.S.S Enterprise, producing a Brony documentary and more.

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john de Lancie, the fan-favorite character actor best known for play the enigmatic Q ~ above Star Trek: The next Generation and the knavish Discord top top My little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, riveted the audience at Emerald City Comicon v stories about acting, Bronies and also going nude on the leg of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

“I’m going come answer all the concerns you have the right to possibly provide me,” the actor said as soon as he go on stage,” so make certain you’re thinking of these inquiries now.”

A girl inquiry de Lancie what to be it’s favor to be the only voice actor because that the video game Quantum Conundrum. He replied, “Really boring. It’s really boring to carry out some that those things because you end up speak the exact same things 15 various times in 15 various ways and also it walk on for 3 or 4 days favor that. So approximately 1 o’clock ns think to myself, ‘I’m going have actually a large bourbon around 4.’”

Someone want to know just how de Lancie came to be a co-producer top top the Kickstarter-funded Brony documentary Bronies: The exceptionally Unexpected Adult pan of My tiny Pony.

De Lancie began by recalling just how he landing the role of Discord ~ above My tiny Pony. “I acquired a call from my agent speak you have an offer to voice a cartoon through the surname of My small Pony,” the said. “And it is pretty lot what went in my ear. So i asked him the three concerns that actors constantly ask. I must see the script, when and how much, which were legitimate questions. So they sent out me the script, and I only read about three pages the the script and also I went, ‘This is really well-written, and also yes.’ I operated that night a pair of hrs on it, checked out the studio and also knocked it the end in a pair of hours, never ever to be assumed of again, because voice exhilaration is like that. 4 hours of her life you put into something, and it’s just not sufficient to really grab hold of you. Around three months later I was down in mine office and also I rotate on mine computer and in mine inbox, on mine mail, there were possibly 200 or 300 emails. I assumed I to be being spammed. I read MLP and also I figured My small Pony. For this reason I dubbed out to mine wife and said, ‘What perform you know around My little Pony?’ She said, ‘It’s a cartoon that you voiced about three months ago. That a cartoon for tiny girls.’ Well, i said, These space not little girls.’”

De Lancie claimed he was initially reluctant to be component of the Bronies documentary -- till he met some Bronies confront to confront during a expedition to Vancouver. They told him they love the how well-written My tiny Pony is, and also appreciated its themes that kindness and generosity. That’s when he started to know the Brony phenomenon, which he contrasted to Star Trek fandom or, together he calls it, “one the the mom lodes of geek culture.”

De Lancie claimed he witnessed a report top top Fox News that described Bronies together “’a bunch the homosexuals who live in ~ home and live turn off food stamps and also disability.’ for this reason I referred to as my friend and also said, ‘‘We’re walk to execute that documentary.”

“I’m no a fan of Fox News,” he said to substantial applause. “They do an ext to pervert the reality in this nation than most establishments that I know of.”

De Lancie turned come Kickstarter to money the project and also was able come raise $322,000, well above the initial goal of $60,000.

Next, a pan asked even if it is Q could ever fulfill the J.J. Abrams Star Trek crew.

“The trouble is this: while I might have play an omnipotent being, i was also playing an immortal being,” de Lancie replied, gesturing to his face. “Need i say more?”

A Star Trek virtual player asked the actor whether he would be interested in coming right into the MMO come voice Q. “Call my agent,” de Lancie conveniently he replied.

He revealed come a male in a Starfleet uniform that while it might have showed up as if that were having fun playing Q, it was actually difficult work. “I think friend had more fun than I did,” de Lancie said. “The look I wanted to offer you was the it was an excellent fun. I’m not sure that it was funny for me in the moment. I wanted that come be component of the character and also your experience in city hall it. I guess ns was successful.”

Referring come the Star Trek illustration in i m sorry Q was naked ~ above the enterprise bridge, a mrs asked if it was really de Lancie’s body. Indeed, the was.

“So ns come on to the collection and ns in my little jockstrap and also there space two ladders. Throughout them is a wooden plank,” de Lancie recalled. “I acquire up there and also I’m laying . Lock shooting across me come the men on the set. We’re currently late and also I’m concerned. I acquire into position and we’re type of talking. It’s no really comfortable, my small jockstrap. I asked what the problem was and they said it was simply positioning difficulties with the camera. ‘We’re really having actually some problems with the indent the the jockstrap.’ i’m like, Jesus! everybody who desires to stay, stay. If you desire to go, go. Let me tell you something, lock shot that real fast.”

Asked i beg your pardon Star Trek illustration was his favorite, de Lancie said the collection finale “All good Things,” revealing he had a “secret” in the scene in which the holds the proto-human “goo” in the far-off past. In order come “get a small sparkle, a small bit of smile,” the dripped the “goo” anywhere the face of the camera operator standing below him. “It’s the reason I had a tiny smile.”

A pan asked around de Lancie’s process for play Q, a character much removed from humanity. “I play an omnipotent being that was too stupid to understand it,” the actor explained, “a god through clay feet. It is really wherein my emphasis went.”

Two preschool-aged girl dressed in pink and also blue princess gowns were following at the mic. One asked de Lancie, “What’s your favorite My little Pony character and why? and tell me the pony’s name so i really know the pony.”

He invite the girls on phase to ask their question in prior of a charmed audience. After gift asked again de Lancie replied, “I don’t want to upset you, but Discord is my favourite character. Ns not sure who the various other ponies are because I don’t have somebody prefer you recall me.”

When the other girl climate asked the exact same question, De Lancie ultimately admitted to liking Fluttershy the most.

De Lancie revealed to a fan that Discord’s similarities through Q to be intentional. “It’s not like I go around trying come imprint every the personalities I play v Q,” that said. “I knew that he was a trickster, however I didn’t make the connection. It was only as soon as I met Lauren Faust, that actually said to me, ‘We hired you because you played Q!’ it was only then that I observed the true link that they wanted.”

A young girl request if it was difficult for de Lancie to song “Glass the Water” in the My tiny Pony illustration “Three’s a Crowd.” De Lancie said, “Yes, it to be really difficult because i am not a singer. Ns don’t know just how to carry a tune. I had to be teach by my wife.”

A “very passionate Trekkie” asked what de Lancie’s funniest backstage story was. That recalled a scene in the 1983 TV miniseries The thorn Birds in i m sorry his future bride descends a staircase come greet she suitors, De Lancie amongst them. “ states she watch down and see all of her suitors, including Alastair,” he said. “It said Alastair looks up and also he is smitten with love. I’m like, oh, Christ. Exactly how am i going to play ‘smitten through love’? ns mean, what go that even mean? Actors dislike that kind of thing. … so they had actually spent many of the day acquiring ready, and also I am dreading the truth that sooner or later on they’ll say come me, ‘OK, John, we gained that shot and also now we’re turning on come you.’ What am i going to do? ‘Smitten through love’? What does the mean? So i’m outside and also I’m walking around with mine hand in my pocket going, ‘what am i going come do?’ and also they say, ‘John, we’re ready.’ I essential a secret. So i pulled the end my hand and I tore open my pocket. And also now. so they say, ‘Action!’ and also my hand wandered over. And also I looked up. And I was smitten!”

The group erupted into the loudest applause that the night.

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De Lancie held the last concern to an audience vote, telling people to boo or cheer because that the inquiry they wanted him come answer. The group booed someone questioning if de Lancie plan on attending the My little Pony convention Everfree Northwest in July.

The group cheered when de Lancie was asked if the evolution of Q’s personality from stuffy and rigid to much much more lively and also fun in later seasons to be his idea. He replied, “When I first started, Corey Allen want him very straight. An extremely straight on. And also I don’t often tend to pat that. I preserved on saying that there were opportunities there. And also they preserved on saying, ‘No, no, no, no, no.’ and also I thought that would be the end of it. However then they lugged me ~ above a second time and it’s no a pilot and we’re type of moving. I started to fracture the function a little bit so that there’s a sense of amusement and whimsy as well as being dangerous.”