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No. 60-1/2 adjustable Mouth Block Plane

Based top top the Stanley No. 60½, this versatile airplane is beneficial for every type of woodworking job and a satisfied to use.

The movable shoe in former of the blade permits you to easily and precisely adjust the mouth opening: well mouth for finishing work and also thin shavings, or ample opening for rank cuts.

Ductile Iron human body is surface ground flat and square come a tolerance of .001" or better. Large, comfortable Bronze lid is tensioned with a 1-1/2" Brass spinwheel. Like our other block planes, the tongue is adjusted with a captive nut for specific control through minimal backlash.

The blade is bedded in ~ 12º because that fine cuts and end grain work. Load 1.5 lbs.6-1/4" long1-3/4" wideBlade is 1-3/8" broad x 1/8" thick.Blade is bedded at 12ºWeight 1.5 lbs.The No. 60-1/2 rated "BEST all at once BLOCK PLANE"- well Woodworking device Guide(2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014)

"TOP TOOL"- wood Magazine, 2015

Click below to download a PDF copy that the instructions for this tool.

Adjustable Mouth Block Plane

The No. 60-1/2 flexible Mouth Block aircraft is a basic purpose tool, helpful for good trimming and finishing work, as well as rapid share removal. The body has an adjustable shoe to allow quick and easy control of the mouth opening. The ideal finishes will be acquired with the blade collection to take it a very small cut, and also with the mouth opening no bigger than vital to happen the chip. As soon as you want to cut more aggressively, open up the mouth more and advance the blade because that deeper cut. For ideal results on finish grain, collection the blade and also mouth fine.


In the low Angle Plane, the blade is bedded at 12°, make the had cutting edge 37°.


The tongue comes all set to use, however honing a second bevelof 5° or 10° will boost performance, help achieve a razor leaf quickly, and improve sheet life in hardwoods. Girlfriend can find sharpeninginstructions in a printable PDF style here: Sharpening accuse PDF

For more information on progressed sharpening we recommend David Charlesworth’s video clip Plane Sharpening, accessible in both DVDand streaming formats.

Blade Adjustment:

Hold the tool in one hand through your fingers supporting the sole and your thumb on the lid iron just in former of the screw. Ease the spinwheel and, v your thumb still holding the blade and also cap, adjust the blade. Tighten the spinwheel. Do not overtighten. You have to be able to change the blade after loosening the spinwheel about ¼ turn. Make sure the mouth is adequately open prior to advancing the tongue to stop damaging the edge.

Mouth Adjustment:

Hold the single in the palm of her hand and also loosen the brass locking screw. Readjust with the brass lever. Tighten the screw firmly, yet do not overtighten.


The human body is actors from Ductile Iron, a really strongalloy that will take a many abuse. These castings are fully stressrelieved, a procedure that clears inherent stresses and also ensuresthat the device will remain flat and true. The lid is ManganeseBronze. Various other parts room Brass and Stainless Steel.The tongue is A2 device Steel hardened come Rockwell 60-62,cryogenically treated and dual tempered. Our heat treatingtechnique ensures that the blade will take and also hold a an extremely fineedge because that a lengthy time. After warm treating, the tongue is completely surfaceground top top the top, back, and also cutting edge, providing a smooth, flatsurface that will take a mirror finish an extremely quickly. The 1/8” thicknessprovides solid chatter-free cutting.


The body spreading is floor flat and also true (to.0015"). Occasional hand lapping through fine wet/dry sandpaper(320 grit or higher) on a level surface will help remove dings andkeep that true. The lid iron deserve to be sleek with any good brasspolish, or permitted to patina through age and use. Occasionally, thetool need to be disassembled, cleaned, and moving components oiled.The blade must be retained lightly oil to protect against rust, especiallywhen the device is no in use. We recommend Jojoba Oil, a tree based oil product that is non-toxic, odor-free and also easy to use. Also, in our shop, we usage a well abrasive handblock to remove any type of light surface oxide from tool bodies and blades. Jojoba Oil and also abrasive handblocks are easily accessible from us.

Find whatever you need for tool care.


Materials and also workmanship space guaranteed because that the life of your tool. Call for repair or replacement parts. We are available for advice if you ever have a problem using your tool.

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Proposition 65 Notice:

Bronze and also brass alloys save on computer lead, a chemical well-known to the State of California to reason cancer and also birth defects, or various other reproductive harm. To wash hands after ~ handling.