As I\"ve spent fairly a little of time researching my perfect office and also bedroom stands, ns figured I\"d drop every that knowledge on you, dear readers. Save yourself the problem of digging through Amazon ratings and pages upon pages of artisanal stands: right here are some of the best iPhone 6s and also 6s plus stands the end there. (Also, remember: many iPhone 6s stand will additionally accommodate iphone phone 6 and also 7 models and also their plus-sized variants; if you have actually a multi-Lightning iphone household, all must be happy.)

The Stump Stand


It doesn\"t charge—nor offer a feet to charge—your iPhone, however it sure renders a great perch: I very first discovered the Stump Stand several years earlier at Macworld Expo appropriate after the iPad launch, and also I\"ve been utilizing mine ever since. It\"s the goofiest of mine recommendations, there is no a doubt—it\"s basically a rotund, 3.5-inch rubber stump boasting colors choose \"Sea Glass\" and also \"Royal Blue.\"

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But the stand itself is exceptionally versatile: It\"s weighted but portable, and also its rubberized coating method that you deserve to not only set your iphone upright in the groove; girlfriend can also lean it against the stump. I usage it a lot together my main traveling stand while I\"m on organization trips or vacation, yet it likewise makes a great dock pretty much anywhere else, too—as long as you deserve to enjoy part goofy shade with your iPhone propping.

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iPhone Lightning Dock


I\"m going to let\"s own Rene Ritchie talk around Apple\"s official iPhone Lightning Dock, as he reviewed it:

I\"ve been utilizing the iphone phone Lightning Dock every night due to the fact that it to be released, and it\"s not simply as great as Apple\"s vault generations — it\"s better.

Apple\"s dock remains simple and essential: The barest possible bit the plastic you should plug in. Various other docks provide fully different looks and often extr functionality together well.

If every you want is the apple aesthetic, a ar to charge, and an audio-out port, however, the iphone Lightning Dock is a solid location to perform it.

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Twelve southern HiRise 2 and also 2 Deluxe


If it\"s quality aluminum craftsmanship you\"re trying to find in your iPhone stand, Twelve south won\"t disappoint. The company\"s cheaper HiRise and more expensive HiRise deluxe differ mostly in whether you must supply a different Lightning fee cable; otherwise, you\"re looking at a sleek, simple color-matched aluminum stand from which you deserve to perch your iPhone.

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Henge Docks Gravitas


Tired of having actually to to buy a new stand every time you upgrade her iPhone\"s kind factor? Henge Docks\"s Gravitas stand not just comes with numerous swappable inserts because that both iPhone and iPad, but it also offers the company\"s Life After maker program: If apple decides to adjust the form-factor of the iPhone, you only must pick increase a preventive insert, quite than a whole brand-new dock.

Like the HiRise, the zinc-alloy Gravitas wouldn\"t look out of place in a metallic-themed office, though it looks simply as pretty in continual surroundings; the stand also comes with its own USB charge cable, and offers one AUX out port in case you\"d prefer to hook part wired speakers as much as your device. It\"s got some heft come it, too, permitting you to choose up her iPhone there is no picking up your stand, as well.

Satechi 7-Port Charging station Dock


If your office is a multiple-iPhone family members or you simply have actually multiple tools floating approximately at any type of given time, individual iphone stands may not do the many sense: Instead, inspect out Satechi\"s 7-Port Charging terminal Dock: The charging was standing grips steady atop any kind of surface you location it top top for simple one-handed docking removal, and offers spacers to store your tools upright. You\"ll need to supply your very own cables—but that have the right to be a little bit of a blessing for those of us with an additional Android work gadgets (or enlarge iPhone check models).

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Grovemade Maple iphone Dock


The perfect blend of wood and metal, Grovemade\"s Maple iphone Dock encapsulates Apple keep fashion chic: If Apple to be to do a small table because that each individual iPhone, ns imagine it would look something favor this. A hefty three pounds, the Maple iphone Dock sit firmly top top your desk with no suction or grippy rubber feet needed; friend just need to thread a Lightning charger cable up with the dock\"s base and also you\"re an excellent to go.

You have the right to use the dock with or without a case, despite I\"d introduce nothing too bulky if you desire to keep simple dock-in/dock-out process. (And as an extra bonus, Grovemade\"s assets are completely sourced and built in the USA.)

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The timber Catchall Stand


If you\"re looking for a great combination stand for your iPhone and your apple Watch that looks great on your nightstand, too, Pad and Quill\"s wood Catchall stand is a beautiful option: The hardwood stand requires you to bring your own cables, but keeps them all however invisible under its basic after the initial threading process, and also lets you either lay her iPhone flat or prop the up. It\"s a an excellent option, too, because that folks who choose a wallet or various other bulkier form of case that doesn\"t right so comfortable with timeless vertical docking options.

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Any stands ns missed that you love?

Those room my peak picks—if you have a stand that you want to see us take a watch at because that the next version of this roundup, sound off in the comments! I additionally haven\"t covered the many, many, many handmade iphone stands that lurk within Etsy, however recommend providing that section a whirl if you\"re looking for something v a more rough-hewn feel.